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The Most Powerful Multi-Channel Customer Feedback System & Survey App

Create engaging surveys and use Net Promoter Score®, CES 2.0, and CSAT to collect feedback and actionable analytics from customers, employees and patients.

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Multi Channel Feedback Software

Actionable feedback with NPS, CES 2.0 and CSAT

Flexibility to choose right metric or combination of different metrics to measure customer loyalty, satisfaction and what customers are thinking about your brand.

Customer Loyalty with Net Promoter Score® (NPS) Surveys

NPS is widely used metric for measuring Customer Loyalty. Zonka enables you to run transactional and relationship NPS surveys. Send one click emails, SMS surveys, survey on website or setup on tablet and iPads. Get instant NPS score on your dashboard, view detailed, drill down NPS reports and get notifications in your inbox.

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) Surveys

Fully customize your CSAT surveys using multiple scales like Likert, Matrix, Smileys, Stars, Emoticons, Sliders and more. Ask the questions which relate to your business and products.

Service Quality with Customer Effort Score 2.0

Use CES 2.0 to identify inefficient processes and improve customer service standards in your organization.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys, CES & NPS Surveys – all in one feedback app

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Multi-Channel Feedback & Survey App

Why stick to only one way of taking feedback and surveys? Engage with your customers wherever they are, using the multi-channel Zonka Feedback App.

iPad & Android Surveys

On-premises customer and employee feedback and data capture through iPads, Android Tablets and Kiosks.


Surveys on iPads & Android Devices

Feedback App is available on App Store for iPhones & iPads and on Google Play Store for all droid devices.

Set up Kiosk Feedback System

Set up iPads and Android tablets as feedback kiosks to take unattended feedback from customers and employees.

Offline Surveys & Feedback

No Internet? No Problem! Take Surveys & Feedbacks offline and sync later when you have Internet.

Designed for Non-Techies

Dead simple to use with no learning curve. The survey app is built for hassle-free operation. Quick to get started.

Online and Mobile Survey

Responsive online surveys work beautifully on both desktop and mobile.


Embed in Website

Embed surveys in your website to get feedback from your website visitors while they browse.

Share Online, via Email & SMS

Share online survey link directly to your customers or send surveys via email or through SMSes.

Print QR Code

Print the online survey QR Code so customers can scan and access the feedback form.

Real-time Survey Response

With online surveys, you get all survey responses and reports instantly to review and take action.

Email Surveys

Send emails with survey link or embedded surveys.

email-survey (1)

Send One-Click Email Surveys

Create simple, one-click email surveys to send to customers through the feedback app.

Embedded Surveys within Email

Embed your survey questions within email body to get higher feedback response rate.

Add Custom Variables

Send email surveys with hidden custom variables like Name, Email Address, Membership ID, Booking Number, etc.

Track Everything

Track email deliveries, email open rate, survey open rate, survey response rate – everything from one interface!

SMS Surveys

Send SMS with Survey links of responsive mobile surveys to customers.


Send One-Click SMS Surveys

Create short, simple, one-click surveys to send to customers on their phones through SMSes.

Mobile Responsive Surveys

All surveys are responsive and auto-adjust on all devices – smartphones and tablets.

Add Custom Variables

Send SMS surveys with hidden custom variables like Name, Email Address, Membership ID, Booking Number, etc.

Track Everything

Track SMS deliveries, survey open rate, survey response rate – everything from one interface!

Ready-to-Go Survey Templates. Customizable Multi-Lingual Feedback Forms with Survey Builder.

Create surveys the way you like.

A simple to use, flexible Feedback & Survey Builder to create customized, good-looking surveys. Select from pre-existing industry templates or design from scratch. Choose from 20+ questions typesWhite-label your surveys and customize colors, fonts and graphical emoticons.

Add any number of steps and screens. Advanced features include Skip Logic, Question Branching, multilingual surveys & more

Real-time Alerts. Quick & Detailed Digests

With Zonka, get instant alerts about feedback. Set up real-time SMS & Email alerts as soon as you get a feedback. Stay updated of low rating feedbacks instantly via SMS alerts.

Schedule daily, weekly or monthly digests directly to your inbox.

Take Action & Close the Feedback Loop

Monitor every feedback and view it in detail. Set up negative feedback alerts on Email & SMS. Mark feedbacks as urgent or flag them for review. Filter feedbacks by comments, CSAT Score and NPS Score or add custom tags to filter feedbacks easily in the Response Inbox.

Add tasks for relevant team members to take action for a feedback. Write notes about action taken against the feedback. Send emails to customers from Zonka to take immediate action, address customers’ concerns and close the loop to keep your customers delighted.

Real-time Feedback Reports, Amazing Survey Analytics

With Zonka’s real-time reporting and alerts, you can monitor every negative feedback and review. Take action on customer feedback to swiftly resolve issues and improve customer experience.

NPS, CSAT and CES reports

Get detailed NPS, CSAT and CES reports and graphs instantly on your dashboard.

Drill-Down Reports

Drill down your reports to view related data and responses and analyze better.

Word Analysis

Make sense of your qualitative data and comments with powerful word analysis reports.

Advanced Reporting Filters

Filter reports based on day, time, question, tags assigned, devices, source and more!

Comparison Reports

Compare across various time & locations using date and location comparison reports.

Customize, Save & Schedule

Customize, save and schedule your reports to be delivered to your inbox.

Zonka Feedback web Interface

Multi-Channel. Customized Surveys. Real-time Alerts. Comprehensive Reporting. Try out the most comprehensive survey app

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Get More Out of Zonka

With Zonka’s real-time reporting and alerts, you can monitor every negative feedback and review. Take action on customer feedback to swiftly resolve issues and improve customer experience.


Comprehensive Response Inbox

Monitor every response in the comprehensive response inbox. Filter your feedbacks, tag them, mark them as urgent or flag the responses. Convert feedbacks to tasks and assign to team members to take immediate action. Add notes and send emails to customers.


Device Tracking

Once you’re feedback system is set up, it’s important to ensure that it’s used effectively. With Zonka, you can remotely monitor all your devices and kiosks to ensure they are up and running and taking feedback. Get real-time device status update including device status, current battery, device uptime, response collected, device location, access log and more.


Respondent Tracking

The absolute best way to track your respondents is to use Zonka’s Email Surveys. The tracking enables you to track everything – delivered emails, email open rate, survey open rate, and survey response rate. Import email addresses or mobile numbers with additional (hidden) variables for easier tracking.



Have a business with multiple locations? Manage it easily with Zonka. Create multiple locations, give location-based access to different teams and users, view responses and set alerts location-wise. Also, access location-based reports and even compare reports across locations.

Integrate Zonka Feedback with other applications easily

Zonka Feedback is easily integratable with some very popular platforms and applications like Zapier, Twilio, Plivo and more. With powerful integrations, custom APIs and Webhooks available, you can do feedback management on steroids with Zonka Feedback.

  • Zonka API integration
  • Zonka Integration via Webhooks
  • Zonka Zapier Integration
  • Zonka Twilio Integration
  • Zonka Plivo Integration

  • Zonka MailChimp Integration
  • Zonka Slack Integration

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Some popular use cases

Customer satisfaction

Capture customer feedback at various touch points and across various feedback channels like Tablet, Online, Email and SMS using Zonka.

Employee Feedback

Use Zonka to survey employees frequently at various touchpoint like cafeteria, meeting rooms, post training and more.

Patient satisfaction

Capture patient feedbacks deployed at various touch-points across healthcare centers. Ideal to use in hospitals, clinics, labs and pharmacies.

Website visitor feedback

Set up online feedback forms in minutes and start taking online surveys at desired touch-points in desired pages. Suitable for all online businesses.

Periodic Email & SMS surveys

Send periodic email surveys or SMS surveys to customers to get their feedback after or before their purchase for increasing client satisfaction.

Net Promoter Score Surveys®

Create and collect NPS surveys within minutes with Zonka via different touch-points. Improve customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty.

On-premises & Kiosk feedback

Set up iPad or Android Tablet as a Kiosk to take customer feedback or hand it over to get in-person, real-time customer feedback.

Offline Surveys & Feedback

Zonka Offline Survey App works on iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and phone. Take offline surveys without internet and sync later anytime.

Market Research & Event Lead Capture

Capture leads at events using event lead capture forms with details like customer name, email address, phone number and more.

Designed For Enterprises

Built keeping Enterprise workflows and processes in perspective, Zonka has got some turnkey features you’ll love

Central Device Management

Central Device Management

Multi-location Management

Multi-location Management for Chains

Industry Standard Report

Industry Standard Reports like NPS & CES

User Permission Management

Permission Based User Management

Data Security

Data Protection and Completely Secure

Take feedback from your customers, employees, visitors and guests. Take surveys on premises, online, via Email or SMS. Get Started.

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Who Uses Zonka

A delightful feedback app for every industry – restaurants, hospitality, healthcare, wellness, retail, finance, automobile and more. Use it as customer feedback system, employee feedback app, event lead capture tool or for offline & field surveys.

Customer Feedback System for Restaurants


Get customer feedback about food, service, ambiance and more using the Restaurant Feedback App
retail customer feedback surveys

Retail & Shopping

Set up store experience surveys and retail customer feedback surveys at shopping centres, retail chains & more
automobile customer satisfaction survey

Automobile Sector

Know potential automobile buyers’ needs. Take feedback after test drive, sales & service for Automobile
Zonka Feedback for Hotels


Setup hotel guest feedback on tablets at various touch-points in the hotel. Hear voice of your customer
bank customer feedback survey

Banks & Financial Sector

Make improvements in customer service by setting up Financial Satisfaction Surveys at Banks
event surveys

Events & Conferences

Do event registration on tablets, capture leads at events. Conduct event planning surveys
Zonka Feedback for Spas

Spas & Salons

Set up post-service surveys to capture client feedback at spas and hair salons. Track & measure staff performance
patient satisfaction survey tool

Healthcare, Hospitals & Clinics

Zonka tablet app helps survey patient’s satisfaction at healthcare centres and clinics
airport surveys app


Capture airline passenger feedback, conduct airport surveys, in-flight feedback surveys for passengers

The Best Customer Feedback Management System & Survey App – for all industries

Start a 15-day free trial and decide for yourself! Or request a quick demo to see Zonka in action.

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