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Effective Listening to Voice of Customer (VoC)

Effective Listening to Voice of Customer (VoC)

Once you have established that customer service is paramount to successfully running your service business, the obvious next step is to devise systems and procedures that can help you effectively learn, combat and manage customer grievances and any shortfalls in service levels from customer expectations.

This is a complex process, though not overly so, and can be succinctly summarised in the following points:

Effective Listening to Voice of Customer

Being concerned

The very first step is to view each customer as a potential detractor, and thus being concerned about any untoward reviews from them. Studies have shown that a single negative review can offset 12 positive reviews. This puts an ever greater pressure on management and support staff to be actively involved with each and every customer, so that no customer leaves disgruntled. The caveat here is that being concerned alone won’t solve the problem, unless supplemented with the following actions.


Installing effective feedback tools

An effective listening to voice of customers would work only when effective tools to collect feedback are in place. While the definition of ‘efficiency’ in the context of feedback collection tools may be subjective, there are three things that any feedback collection mechanism must provide for it to be deemed worthy of consideration:

    • Ability to capture vast amount of data – Only an innovative and unconventional feedback collection method will excite customers to leave their feedback.
    • Ability to manage all collected data – A massive amount of data is meaningless if not stored in a format conducive to drawing business insights and trends of customer behaviour.


Ability to allow immediate addressal of customer grievances

As important as it is to store and record trends of customer behaviour, it is equally essential to solve service-related issues that customers may have, while they are still on-premises as this can eliminate the possibility of a customer venting their dissatisfaction online. A study has gone so far as to report that 82% of customers say that the most important factor leading to a great customer experience is having their issues resolved quickly.

Given that a manager’s focus is on effectively listening to his customers, a logical conclusion would be the installation of a strong and reliable feedback collection procedure.


Understanding your customers and their complaints

This is basically a continuation of the definition of an effective feedback collection system, but merits a separate mention. Immediate addressal of customer complaints becomes feasible only with a thorough knowledge of what the exact issue is and where the grievance has arisen from. Gaps in service quality can be plugged in only with an in-depth understanding of why and how the lapse in service occurred in the first place. Complete data capturing of customers can help in a more robust loyalty module allowing personalized service to regular patrons.

This points to the development of a process that naturally tends towards a “systematic listening” and address of customer grievances.


Empowering customer-concerned employees

With the installation of a sound feedback collection system, comes the added responsibility of delegating responsibilities appropriately to the front-line, customer facing staff members. Doing so will ensure that all customer grievances are handled in a timely and accurate fashion.

An effective feedback collection tool, should, therefore, provide a means for assigning tasks to staff members, particularly the customer-centric staff. It would be even better if this mechanism could work in real-time, thereby resolving customer complaints quickly and ensuring cent per cent customer satisfaction.


Overall monitoring of customer’s behaviour

With on-premise resolution of customer grievances taken care of, the real value of a customer feedback system can be extracted from its ability to track trends in customer satisfaction and behaviour over time.

Customers rate a business over several parameters – pricing, service quality, attitude of staff while interacting with customers to name a few. Their overall satisfaction of interacting with the business will then, not be limited to just the quality of service provided but will depend on a delicate balance of these parameters, based on what weight they assign to each of them. An important thing to note is that these preferences may change over time and vary across customer segments. In an effort to keep all customers equally satisfied over time, these changes must be carefully measured and appropriate actions taken.

An effective feedback system will allow business managers to understand their customers changing preferences and make business decisions in accordance with those changes. This will truly include the customer’s voice in implementing business strategies.


Getting involved personally

Last but certainly not the least, nothing makes a customer’s day more than the pleasure of having his issue resolved instantly, and that too with the knowledge that their servers took a “personal” interest in their service. Establishing a personal connection with customers is becoming a vitally important aspect of service-oriented businesses.

Therefore, merely assigning customer complaints to staff members may no longer help the business acquire and retain customers, but taking a “personal” interest in the resolution of their customer’s issues will. Since this personal connection will help the customers achieve a sense of belongingness with the business and there will then be a higher likelihood of them returning again and again.

An effective methodology to listen to customer’s voice, then, remains incomplete without a mechanism to getting involved personally with the customers.


Managing a business that does not sell tangible goods but intangible service can be tricky, but a task that can be accomplished if the basics are done right – listen to what the customers are saying, respond effectively and analyse their feedback to make sure things don’t go wrong again.

Zonka Feedback goes live in London!

Zonka Feedback goes live in London!

“All good things must come to an end” – and it feels so much better when a happy ending is followed with the delight of witnessing the start of a new revolution. Such are our feelings as of today. When we returned from our exhibition at The Restaurant Show 2014, little did we know that we have just spawned a revolution in customer feedback systems.

We feel proud to have signed up our first client in the magnificent city of London, which also happens to be the first client at our stall in The Restaurant Show 2014.

The sensational Brazilian/ Caribbean restaurant, Coco Bamboo, located at 83A, Haverstack Hill has chosen Zonka to collect feedback from its guests on premises. The place is known for its exotic cuisine, great food combined with awesome live music and legendary service.

One of the few places in the multi-ethnic London offering Jamaican cuisine in a Jamaican environ, they had hitherto been collecting customer feedback on paper-based forms, but true to their spirit of offering unparalleled customer service consistently, they have switched over to digital feedbacks, having already installed Zonka Feedback on two tablets with another one on the way.

From the entire team here at Zonka, we wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavors. May the power of digital feedbacks be with them!

Final Musings From The Restaurant Show 2014

Final Musings From The Restaurant Show 2014

We take the opportunity to send a word of thanks to all our visitors and very our own teams in helping us make Zonka Feedback’s launch a grand success.

From the moment we joined the event, we knew that our presence at The Restaurant Show 2014 was more than an official business launch. It was about connecting with the hospitality fraternity, understanding their business challenges and helping them deal with them, getting to the know the motivation of a typical consumer, and a chance to interact with some of the sharpest brains in the technological and restaurant arenas. The last three days helped us gain an insight into the service industry in the UK and learn what we can do to make it better.

All this would not have been possible without the encouraging response that we received over the past 72 hours. Interacting with so many eminent restauraunteurs under a single roof was an experience we would not have missed for the world.

Your presence at the stall certainly made a difference to us, and we sincerely hope that we made a difference to your business and helped you understand your customers better.

Hope to see you again soon.

Zonka continues to shine at The Restaurant Show – Day 2 update

Zonka continues to shine at The Restaurant Show – Day 2 update

At the close of day 2 of the 3-day exhibition in London, The Restaurant Show 2014, we feel proud to report that Zonka is blazing trails in the restaurant and hospitality industries, with many visitors signing up instantly and even more showing strong desire to learn about how it can be incorporated in their business model.

While the unique and cool-sounding name “Zonka” is sufficient to ignite the curiosity of many passers-by, it is the inherent strengths of the product that convinces them to sign up for Zonka and proceed to installation.

The features of fully customizable forms and the all new Feedback Manager are proving to be the USP of the product which offers a one-stop CRM solution to the business managers. An attractive new feature that allows managers to keep track of negative feedbacks and assign waiting staff to quickly address unhappy customers, the Feedback Manager is a unique solution that blends customer satisfaction with HR management.

Though our product is ideal for casual and fine dining restaurants, we also have developed a kiosk model that can bring the benefits of Zonka to quick-service restaurants and take-away joints, many of whom have already finalized to stay ahead in this burgeoning business.

We are expanding on the capabilities of our product even further by fostering relationships with other technology giants. This is a continuation of commitment to our valued current and potential customers to deliver a product of the highest quality order to them.

Our dedicated team at the Zonka stall L-02 at Earl’s Court in London can help you decide which model is the most suitable for your particular business needs. Signing up for Zonka at The Restaurant Show 2014 will also entitle you to an attractive, single-time discount! Just one day to go – do hurry up!

Update from the Restaurant Show 2014

Update from the Restaurant Show 2014

When we decided to showcase our cool new product, Zonka Feedback at The Restaurant Show 2014 in London, we were hoping for an excellent response to our amazing new software, built after months of hard work and dedication.

But believe me, the reaction generated on the very first day of the exhibition exceeded all our expectations! Many eminent guests from the restaurant, catering and hospitality industries graced our stall yesterday and experienced for themselves the power of taking feedbacks digital. Impressed as they were with the trendiness of the novel method of asking for customer’s feedback, unique features of instant alerts and automatic updating of data, all followed up with a complete and thorough reporting mechanism featuring intelligent analytics and business insights, it is now merely a matter of time before they realize the true potential of Zonka in revolutionizing their business by engaging their customers in a more meaningful manner.

Two days still left at the exhibition – Come meet us at our stall L-02. Let’s chat and get to know each other.