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5 types of questions to ask in a customer experience survey in restaurants

5 types of questions to ask in a customer experience survey in restaurants

Preparing a customer experience feedback form and survey for your restaurant guests is a tricky affair. On the one hand, you need to mindful in keeping the form short and relevant to not bore the guests and on the other you need to know about the customer and their experience at your restaurant to help you improve service and connect with your guests better.

This one is hard to crack, we know. And going wrong can really ruin your guest feedback response rate in the restaurant. Don’t fret. We’re here to throw in some suggestions that can help you build a good survey.

For starters, keep it small and relevant. You may be tempted to ask a lot of questions. But hold your horses. Your guests aren’t going to be as enthusiatic. A good and effective survey should have between 5 to 10 questions. Anything more can lead to lower survey completions.

We’ve listed 5 type of questions that you can ask your guests in a customer experience survey after they’ve dined with you at your restaurant.


Customer Details

Capture customer details will ensure that you can stay in touch with them even once they’ve left your business, by way of keeping them updated with latest additions to your menu, and reminding them about your promotional events and season discounts. Store their birthdays and anniversaries and sending them greetings on their special days. Nothing makes a person’s special day more than receiving an unexpected greeting, and doing so will enable you to create an indelible impression in their minds about your brand.


ratingCustomer Experience Rating

It is vital to garner your customer’s opinions about your service. After all, they’re paying for it, receiving it and are in the best position to comment upon it. No matter how convinced you may be about the superiority of your own service, it is ultimately the customer’s word that counts. Hence, asking your customers to rate the various aspects of your service is essential to your long-term planning and success. By collecting your customer’s opinion on various aspects of your service – including taste of food, quantity served, ambience, time taken to process request, politeness of servers, price for service rendered and the like, you can find out which areas of the business your customers are most happy with, and which areas you need to improve upon immediately.


If the feedback system comes with an interactive reporting suite, you can even examine the individual impact of each of the aspects in isolation to determine the return on investment on any one aspect, for example, the effect of investing on ambience by compensating the increased cost with higher prices. This can allow you to establish what your customers think about your service, in totality as well as when the various aspects are viewed in contrast to each other, thus enabling you to focus on areas that need your attention the most.


Customer Loyalty

If there is one question that presents an aggregate view of your customers’ loyalty, it is the Net Promoter Score question. In just a simple statement “On a scale from 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend us among your family and friends?”, you can determine if your customers are impressed enough with your service to put their reputation on the line by recommending your brand and acting as your brand ambassadors/ evangelists without any cost to you!


By tracking the trend of NPS over time, you can also see for yourself the growth and maturity of your company in the market. Typically, as your company grows, the NPS © should increase, while a decreasing trend of NPS © would signal a problem.



Customer Effort Questions

The answer to this question can help you determine your reach into your market. Questions like “how did you hear about us” or “how accessible is our restaurant” can help you know your most reliable advertising agents and how difficult it is for your customers to reach your place. This can further enable you to plan accordingly and make changes in your advertising mix, such as pamphlets, newspapers, or maybe putting up a big hoarding overlooking the road.


By keeping a few of these things in mind, you may be well on your way to creating an extensive feedback survey for your business and getting the most from your customers.



Customer Comments & Views

Always wrap up your survey with a question that allows the customer to share his comments and views about the experience at your restaurant. While too many open-ended questions can be exhausting for the guest filling the feedback form, a question summarizing their experience can be very helpful in analyzing what’s going on in your customers mind. It also helps in more qualitative review of your restaurant’s performance.

Top tips for touch-screen survey kiosks

Top tips for touch-screen survey kiosks

kioskReal-time surveys are on the rise, and as you know, we, at Zonka Feedback, are staunch believers that on-premise feedback capture is the surest way to know your customers actual experience. However, a lot of businesses either don’t have the staff to take individual feedback from guests, or wish to remain completely non-intrusive. Imagine a take-away restaurant or a hotel reception where handing over feedback tablets to customers may be interfering, or very cumbersome. For businesses with such structures and way of working, setting up kiosk-based surveys is ideal.


Touch-screen survey kiosks are gaining great traction for healthcare industry, clinics, retail sector, quick service restaurants, in-room feedback in hotels, event lead capture and feedback, and even market research survey setup. Tablet-based feedback kiosks are convenient, easy to set up and help capture customer experience and data on-premises, in real-time.


We’re sharing some of our top tips for creating the perfect kiosk feedback survey set up for your customers.


Keep it short

A big problem with most businesses is that they like to capture a lot of information. When designing your kiosk survey, please be thoughtful that the shorter the time a customer will take to fill a survey, the happier he would be. While collecting information may be vital to your business, your customer’s convenience is equally important to be mindful of. Prioritize what you want to capture in the survey. And keep it short.


And keep it simple

There is no need to present your customers with a brain teasing quiz while seeking their feedback. Questions framed in an easy language with short words that can be answered on the basis of ‘gut instincts’ will go a long way in ensuring that most of your customers complete the surveys, allowing you more data to analyze. Remember, it’s a feedback form, not a contest :) (of course unless it actually is!).


Limit open-ended questions

Again, when your customers are hunched over the touchscreen, the last thing they want to see is a question asking them to write an essay on their experiences. Multiple-choice rating questions serve their intended purpose by getting you the data and go easy on your customers by letting them get through the survey quickly. Keep open-ended questions and comments to the minimal.


Keep it somewhere noticeable

See your kiosk not just as an investment in customer feedback, but one in customer experience and ambience as well. Place the tablet feedback kiosk somewhere noticeable, easily accessible and well-fitting the surroundings. It is absolutely vital that the kiosk be placed in a high-footfall area within the business. With a kiosk, you are essentially putting your feedback survey on display for everyone. Unlike handing each of your customers with a tablet, which ensures maximum data collection, customers will choose to answer your survey only when they get to see your kiosk! Hence, your feedback kiosk must be placed in such a way that it is the first (and the last) thing your customers see upon entering and exiting your business.


Keep it protected

Ensure adequate tamper-proofing for your touchscreen kiosk. After all, they are going to be handled by hundreds of frustrated customers everyday! A glazed screen that does not retain smudges may also be in order. If the kiosk is being planned for outdoors, weather-proofing is a must.


Kiosk-based surveys are an attractive way of collecting feedbacks from your customers. They’re bespoke, can be easily customised, look great and can be placed almost anywhere! They come with options of having more solid and permanent setups and kiosks that can easily be moved around. Most importantly, they help you capture information and customer experience crucial to your business. Just keep our top tips in mind and you’re good to go!