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Filter your Responses by Time in Zonka Reports

Filter your Responses by Time in Zonka Reports

In Zonka Reports, now you can easily filter data by time. You can select the time slots to choose from or select your custom time for when you want to access the data. This feature will be highly useful for the businesses who want to compare data as per different time slots.

For instance, if a restaurant holds an event every Wednesday from 9-11 PM, the restaurateurs can fill a custom time slot according to them and access data between 9-11 PM exclusively and compare the quality and nature of feedbacks received at the time of the event. They can also use this time filter to examine reviews about their gig and the quality of services offered by the staff at that time particularly.


How it Works

Follow these steps to begin filtering feedbacks based on timing over the web panel –

  1. Visit https://web.zonkafeedback.com/ and log in with your details.
  2. Visit Reports.
  3. Choose Advanced Filters and from the dropdown now choose Filter by Time.
  4. Select one of the available time slots or choose custom time.



Facilitating time based inspections For instance – it is very crucial for hospitals to scrutinize their services at the night time so they can opt to filter feedbacks received during that time. Similarly restaurants can use time based filters to examine feedbacks coming during breakfast, lunch, dinner and during events separately.

Filter your Responses by Device in Zonka Reports

Filter your Responses by Device in Zonka Reports

With the release of our Device Management module, it is now dead easy to monitor and manage devices deployed in your business locations. But with multiple devices deployed, finding a specific device could be somewhat like finding a needle in the haystack. Imagine you want to inspect the frequency of feedbacks coming in on the tablet device deployed at reception in your location number 13.

To ease out this trouble Zonka has introduced ‘Filter by Device Name’ feature in Reports. Now in Zonka Reports,  you can easily filter data by the friendly device names that you can easily add anytime.


How it Works

Follow these steps to begin filtering feedbacks using friendly device names on the web panel-

  • Visit https://web.zonkafeedback.com/ and log in with your details
  • Click on Setup drop-down from the top menu and then click on Devices
  • Add/edit device name to keep a friendly name in Device Management
  • Go to Reports
  • Choose Advanced Filters and from the dropdown now choose Filter by Devices
  • Type/search the friendly device name for which you want to view the reports



Benefits of Filtering by Device Name

  • Device-wise reports view

    Scrutinize the feedbacks collected device-wise and also inspect the number of feedbacks coming in on each of them. If the device is not receiving enough feedbacks, you may want to re-check on its placement and may question the staff who is using that device for feedback collection.

  • Easy identification

     Easily identify a particular device by its friendly name. You can edit the device name anytime.

Pro Tip: Mention location name where device is deployed in its name to easily identify it. For example – ‘Reception iPad (Floor 2)’

The Art of Lead Capturing at Events and Trade Shows

The Art of Lead Capturing at Events and Trade Shows

The most important goal of any business is to achieve more sales and thus more profits. However, there are plenty of activities that are not always targeted at achieving direct sales.

For example, when your company participates in a trade show or a similar event, the main aim is not to push sales at the event itself. It is more about creating brand awareness, building your company’s reputation and customer relationships, and, most importantly, generating leads.

The more leads you have, the greater the likelihood is that you will have successful conversions in the future. And, the lead numbers can be exponential for such trade shows or events, since you are likely to come across more qualified leads (potential customers) who are particularly interested in your business and its products or services at such events.

Challenges for Capturing Leads


Source – Exhibtor Online

Trade shows and business exhibitions are generally extremely crowded and you can expect a lot of regular traffic to your company’s stall or kiosk. This is precisely what happened with us when we started marketing our feedback management system, Zonka, at such events.

Our representatives used to strike a great rapport with the visitors and many of the visitors even dropped their business cards in a bowl that we used to keep to capture business leads.

However, it was tough to remember the more qualified leads from these business cards several days after the completion of such events.

Trying to capture qualified leads is similar to trying to digging for gold amidst sand and dirt. We knew that the need of the hour was to apply smart techniques with patience to remove the sand and dirt, which are of no value, to find the gold.

Ultimately, when we found the gold (the qualified leads in our case), we realized that it was all worth the effort! After all, qualified leads enable us to apply relevant sales and marketing strategies till successful conversion.

We also realized that we had to capture more relevant information for every lead. So, we started using online excel sheets to enter specific contact details and relevant information for kiosk visitors at such events.

However, this proved to be time consuming and was not a smart enough technique. It led to many leads being missed, as the visitors often left in frustrated after waiting for long at our overcrowded stall (during peak hours) to get their information filled in.

Also, many visitors were unwilling to spend time to answer our representative’s queries, as part of the customer surveys to understand the market trends and new customer preferences.

To market Zonka, the trade shows and exhibitions were the biggest lead sources and we did not want to miss any opportunities. So, we realized that patience alone will not work and we needed to start identifying gaps for using “smart” techniques in our quest for qualified leads.

We thus put our thinking caps back on which eventually led to the discovery of a possible functionality that could be added to our feedback management system. This is how we planned to leverage more out of Zonka by extending its functionality to also serve as a lead capturing system.

The aim was to make Zonka an ideal tool for digitizing the activities of capturing leads and conducting market surveys during trade shows and events.

And, after several tweaks at the core of our feedback management system, we ensured the transition of Zonka from a single functionality tool to a multi-functionality tool in the form of a feedback and survey application for Android tablets and iPads.

For us, this was a classic case of getting the most out of our available resources and we continued to use Zonka as our comprehensive customer feedback management system. The added twist was that we could also customize it to be a “smart” lead capturing system and a survey tool. We had finally found our gold and it was indeed worth all the effort!

Features that Enable Smart Capturing of Leads and Contact Information at Trade Shows

We immediately saw the differences, after using the Zonka tablet application at business events. The user-friendly web interface enabled our representatives to capture the visitor information quickly.

We were also able to set Zonka up as our digital kiosk at trade shows, which enabled visitors to give their feedback and even complete surveys quickly, without any manual intervention from our representatives.

This made sure that even when our stall was crowded; our visitors were able to feed in their information directly on the tablet by using the Zonka application.

Instead of having more representatives, who would crowd our stall even more, to attend to more visitors and potential customers, we started making more tablets available to capture the leads.

The best part is that such an application can easily by set up or configured to function in a manner that makes your task easier at trade shows.

It can even work offline to capture data. So, you need not worry whether your stall is located in such a zone where there is limited or no Wi-Fi connectivity.

And, the captured information is synced securely, whenever the tablet gets internet connectivity, allowing you to access it from any browser. This feature helped our teams to collaborate with each other, especially when we were participating at multiple business events on the same day.

However, while handing over the tablets to the visitors, we do not want to risk the possibility of them using other applications or accessing some other data.

So, we often switch to the “one app” mode that allows visitors to only use Zonka and no other application with the tablet in their hands.

Not only are we now able to capture more responses by using such a lead capturing tablet application, but we are also able to convert them into tasks and notes, according to our needs. This allows our different teams to gain valuable inputs from the visitors’ responses and feedback.

It is even possible to tag responses and arrange to follow up with them by using this application.

This smart application also allows us to create highly customized surveys for our potential customers at the business events. Not only can they skip any questions that they do not wish to answer, but they can also answer these surveys in different languages.

And, the ability to score questions and responses by using Zonka allows us to get extremely detailed reports that help us identify highly qualified leads.

In a nutshell, this tablet application proved to be a real blessing for us and it could be for you too by enabling you to:

  • Conduct online and offline surveys
  • Record feedback
  • Sync data for instant access by multiple people,
  • Cater to different sectors, such as restaurants and hotels, airports, healthcare, and automobiles,
  • Protect data and manage user access on a permission basis, and
  • Encourage improved collaboration between the different teams of your company.

We have seen the difficulties faced in using the old school methods to capture leads at trade shows and compared them with the advantages of using a tablet application to do the same. We hope this information proves useful to you and your business.

Featured Image Credit: Flickr

Employee Surveys and Feedback – why does your organization need them?

Your organization’s a happy one – contented employees, increasing profits and a large and loyal customer base. Unfortunately, not most organizations can toe a similar line.

Clear expectations from employers results in better employee loyalty to the company and lower employee turnover, along with positive word of mouth publicity. The key is to ensure employee happiness and it depends on periodically taking employee surveys. Employee surveys can ensure that you’re going in the right direction.

Ways in which employee surveys can be helpful for an organization

Employee engagement 

Employee surveys can help you to measure employee engagement. From understanding the problem areas for employee engagement to re-evaluating strategies, organizations can leverage in growth with the help of inspired employees. From recognizing the hard work to giving the required pay and benefits to employees, employee surveys help you to understand where you lack. You can create a good action plan and identify opportunities to increase engagement. You can understand the priorities and areas to focus on as well as create an implementation schedule.

Everyone loves to be heard 

Employees love to be given a voice and you will do well to hear what they’ve to say. This ensures that employees feel that they are cared for and feel part of the team. Knowing that their view is sought after for the development process and offering them a direct voice to the management team ensures that they feel that their opinion is valued. Employees who feel that they are looked after by the management understand that they have a stake in the company.

Drive organizational growth 

Your organization needs to follow its goals and there is nothing as good as inspired employees who know what’s needed out of them. Understanding the engagement rate will help you identify the best practices and analyse the problems. Implementing better strategies becomes simpler and with actionable data, decision-making becomes easier.

Benchmark results 

Perhaps the best reason to carry out employee surveys is to have access to benchmark results. This will help you compare results and get industry specific data that will help you understand how your organization is faring amongst your competitors.

Enabling Growth and Increasing Profits 

Surveys do not just help you to know more about employees, they also help you to understand organization problems that hinder growth. You can get a fuller picture and generate positive changes by taking action on the employee survey results. Here is why listening to the voice of employees is a good idea.

  • You understand the staff priorities and areas to focus on to drive organizational growth
  • Is it a good idea to implement a policy? You can test the waters for proposed policies and evaluate employee responses.
  • Enable better strategy making


So, how do you begin?

There are third party providers who can design questionnaires for you. The questionnaire has to be short and sweet and yet include everything that you need to know to get a complete picture. For instance, a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ question can work at times when you’re trying to rank issues in the order of their importance but it won’t help you all the time especially if you’re looking to have particular questions answered. Anonymous results mean that employees can express views more freely while benchmark improvements over time. You can even ask open-ended questions if you’re reaching out to only a few people. You can ask your employees quite a few things, to improve productivity and drive in performance – higher morale can work wonders.

  • Are employees looking for more challenging roles?
  • Are they satisfied with supervisor concerns?
  • Why do they work in your organization?
  • What motivates them more to work?
  • Are they being fairly compensated for the work they’re doing?
  • What are the company areas that they feel there is a need to focus on?
  • Do they feel integrated with the company’s eco-system?


It’s Time to Understand Employees

For a survey to be successful, you will need to ensure employee participation. Explain to employees why the survey is important. This builds engagement and ensures that they’re focused on offering the right information.

With the right answers, you can make informed decision-making – act on the survey results and you can drive in customer satisfaction.