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Capture Customer Feedback On-Premises

Discover the benefits of on-premises, real-time customer feedback with Zonka Feedback

Right away is the best time to capture customer feedback and hear their voice and experience. Let’s find out why –

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Feedback is Fresh

The experience and feedback is fresh in the customer’s mind and you hear just that.

Feedback without biases

Unlike web feedbacks and review sites, feedback comes without biases when it’s captured on-premises.

On premises feedback

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capture feedbacks on premises

Reaches you first

With on-premises feedback, you hear customer’s voice before anyone else.

Actionable Feedback

When you hear your customer feedback first, you can take immediate action.

On premises survey
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Reduce Negative Reviews

With immediate action on negative feedback, your guests are less likely to post bad reviews on social media and review sites.

Keep guests engaged

By offering guests to share their feedback with you, you’re keeping them engaged and letting them know you care.


Guest Feedback Software

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It’s time to ditch the traditional ways of capturing feedback and replace those with tablet-based feedback management systems.

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