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Product Feedback Questions

March 07, 2023

When it comes to developing great products, no one can help you better than your customers who will be the real users of your product. But how do you know what your customers want and expect from your product?

That is why you need to collect Product Feedback. And how will you do that? The answer is, by directly asking the customers through Product Feedback Surveys.

You can easily create surveys with an effective Product Feedback Tool but to make your surveys successful and utilize them best to get accurate results and useful information, it is necessary that your surveys are well structured, and designed in a way that they are able to fetch real customer insights with meaningful feedback data that helps you make better product decisions. For this, you have to focus on the questions you ask in the survey.

Survey questions are the core of any survey and it is crucial to ask the right questions in the right way from your product users to discover meaningful insights. In this article, we will explore the best questions you can include in your surveys to make them effective and powerful enough to extract the information you want. Let’s start with defining Product Feedback Surveys and learning how they are important for the success of your product.

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What are Product Feedback Surveys?

Product Feedback Surveys are questionnaires that are used as a tool to obtain valuable insights from product users regarding their experience with a product. In a Product Feedback Survey, users are asked questions about how they perceive a product, and how they feel about the experience they had with the product.

These surveys are a great way to understand the needs and expectations of the users with the product and how well your product is able to fulfill those aspirations. Let’s understand this better by exploring why you should use Product Feedback Surveys.

Why use Product Feedback Surveys?

Product Feedback Surveys are the only way to get into the customers’ minds and know how they perceive your product and the experience they have with it. You can utilize the feedback data gathered through these surveys to improve your product and reach great success. Here are some reasons to understand this better.

Reasons to Use Product Feedback Surveys

  1. To understand your users
  2. To engage users in the product roadmap
  3. To know about products’ strengths and weaknesses
  4. To track and improve user satisfaction
  5. To know about competitors and market
  6. To  improve your product
  7. To retain customers and prevent churn

Let’s learn more about these reasons for using Product Feedback Surveys.

1. To understand your users

When it comes to developing and improving your product, you cannot just work on assumptions about what your customers think about your product. With Product Feedback, you get an in-depth understanding of your product users’ perspectives, requirements and expectations with your product and services related to it.

In this way, you get to put yourself in users’ shoes and see your product from their perspective. This gives you a clear understanding of customers’ mindsets and helps you make better product decisions.

2. To engage users in the product roadmap

When you listen to the voice of the customers, you can easily reach product market fit. With Product Feedback, you get a better understanding of user requirements for your product and related services. Moreover, it conveys that you care for your customers and helps you engage them better in product road mapping.

 In this way, you take the right actions and are able to mould and improve your product, provide better customer services, and offer your customers what they always desire to have.

3. To know about products’ strengths and weaknesses

Another reason to collect Product Feedback is to know what your customers like and what they dislike about your product, which helps to know what’s working and what’s not working for your product. In this way, you get to know the strengths and weaknesses of the product and come in a better position to take the right steps toward product improvement and development.

4. To track and improve user satisfaction

With Product Feedback, you get a quantitative measure of user satisfaction with your product and related services. With effective Product Feedback Surveys like CSAT surveys, you can ask and measure customer happiness with every aspect and feature of your product and work on it to improve user satisfaction.

5. To know about competitors and market

Collecting feedback not only enables you to know customer insights about your product but also helps you know what your competitors are offering and where your product stands in the competitive market. This lets you work towards making your product competitive and survive and grow in the market.

6. To improve your product

Product Feedback is the best source of information about the areas of improvement in your product. When you collect feedback, you get to know the shortcomings of the product and where you can work to improve your product and make it the one that your customers want to use. For instance, if your customers like the features of the product but feel that some features are difficult to use, you can work with your product development team to make them easier for the users.

7. To retain customers and prevent churn

Product Feedback enables you to know timely about various product issues and bugs that users face which lets you take timely action on them and improve the user experience before it's too late. This helps to prevent them from switching to competitor products and ensure better retention.

But all these benefits can be realized only when your surveys are effective enough to collect accurate and rich feedback from your product users. Let’s explore some effective questions that empower your surveys to collect truly valuable feedback data from your product users.

You can straightaway use these questions as Product Feedback Templates for your surveys. You need not necessarily use all of them, but you can choose among them as per your survey requirements.

Top Product Feedback Questions

We have divided segregated these survey questions into various categories. You can choose among them considering the type of survey you are conducting and the information you want to fetch from them.

1. Product Market Fit Survey Questions

Product Market Fit Surveys are designed to know how much your product is able to satisfy the users in a good market and how valuable is your product for your users. The Market Fit Survey Question is:

How would you feel if the product no longer exist?

2. Free Trial Feedback Survey Questions

Free Trial Feedback Surveys are sent to the customers during or just after your potential customers have taken a free trial of your product. The question asks the users about their experience of having the free trial of your product.

How would you rate the experience of the free trial?

Did you face any difficulty hile using the product during the free trail?

3. Onboarding Survey Questions

Onboarding Survey Questions help you know your customers’ feedback about your onboarding process and hence ensure smooth onboarding.

How was your Onboarding experience?

Did you face any difficulties while onboarding?

4. Product Feedback NPS Questions

Net Promoter Score Survey is a popular metric survey that is meant to track and measure customers’ loyalty by asking about their likeliness to recommend a product to their friends and known ones on a scale of 0 to 10 where 10 means Most Likely and 0 means Not at all Likely. The Ultimate Question of the NPS Survey is:

How likely are you to recommend our product to your friends and colleagues?

The above Ultimate Question is followed by an open-ended follow-up question to ask the reason for the users’ ratings. The question is:

Can you please let us know the reason for your rating?

5. Product Feedback CSAT Question

CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) Survey questions are aimed to measure the level of satisfaction of your customers with their experience of using your product on a five-rating scale. The question is:

How would you rate your experience of using our product?

The question is also followed by an open-ended follow-up question to know the why behind the customers’ ratings.

What is the primary reason for your score?

6. Product Feedback CES Question

CES or Customer Effort Score Survey is aimed to know how much the product was helpful for the users to make their tasks easier and get their work done and issues resolved. CES surveys can also be used after a customer ticket is closed or any service is dealt with or resolved. The CES Survey question is:

To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement? “The company made it easy for me to resolve my issues and get my work done”?

Seven options are provided to the customers to rate their agreement. The options are: Strongly Agree, Agree, Somewhat Agree, Neither Agree nor Disagree, Somewhat Disagree, Disagree, and Strongly Disagree.

The above main question is followed by a follow-up question asking the reason for the rating given by the customer. The question is:

What is the primary reason for your rating?

7. Product Feature Request Question

These questions help you know if your product users like the features of your product and if they need any other features in your product.

Which important feature do you feel is missing in the product?

Which feature do you want to add to the product?

8. Product Churn Survey Questions

These questions are sent to the churning customers to know the reason for the churn and attempt to bring them back. The questions are:

We felt bad you’re leaving, can you please tell us the primary reason for your decision?

Is there anything we can do to improve your experience and bring you back?

9. Demographic Questions

Demographic questions are those which some personal details o your product users. The idea behind these questions is to know your customers and divide them into different segments and make effective targeting decisions.

Are you an individual or a company?

Which age group do you belong to?

How often do you use our product?

For what purpose do you use our product?

10. Market Attribution Question

Market Attribution survey question helps you know from where your customers got to know about your product. This basically helps the marketing teams to know which marketing channels are working effectively.

From where did you discover our product?

(Try to recall the sourcefrom where you came to know about our product the first time.)

11. Feature Feedback Questions

These questions are to obtain feedback about your product features. Responses to these questions help you know which features are working best for your users and which are not. The questions are:

Which features are most useful for you?

What is the feature you feel that is not needed in the product?

Name one feature that you like the most in the product.

Name one feature that you don’t like in the product.

12. Pricing Feedback Question

This question is to know whether your product is adequately priced in the market or not. The question asks the customers how they feel about the pricing of the product. The question is:

How would you rate the product in terms of being value for money?

13. Open-ended Questions for Suggestions

An open-ended question is a must to provide your survey respondents with a space to share their experiences, opinions, or suggestions about your product in their own words. These types of questions let your customers vent out their feelings and share rich qualitative feedback that you can use to make effective product decisions.

We value your opinion! Would you like to give any suggestions about our product?


Questions are the core of your surveys. So it is crucial to choose your survey questions wisely in order to create effective surveys.

The best way is to use an effective Product Feedback Tool that provides you with ready-to-use survey templates of various types. Zonka Feedback is one of the most effective Product Feedback Software that provides you with ready-to-use and customizable Product Feedback Survey Templates that you can use to build simple, yet powerful surveys to fetch valuable feedback data from your product users.

It also offers a Free Trial. You can Try it for Free for 7 days and see how it works for your product.

Nikhil Dawer

Written by Nikhil Dawer

Nov 24, 2022

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