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How to Use QR Code Surveys?

March 31, 2023

If you wish to collect visitor feedback in your mall, how would you do it? Probably place feedback kiosks and mobile devices across the mall so visitors can take the feedback survey. But how many devices would be enough to capture feedback from everyone visiting?

Similarly, in offices, schools, or retail stores, how sure can you be that all your employees, students, or customers would open their emails, click the survey link, and then share feedback? In events and conferences, attendees may forget to share feedback by the time they reach home. And let's accept it; we are all guilty of not making the effort to open the app and share feedback after unpacking a delivery package. 

But all of these challenges can easily be dealt with QR code surveys. 

QR code surveys enable consumers of a business to effortlessly share feedback through a survey right in the moment. Imagine how easy it is - Scan the QR code with your own phone and share feedback instantly. It is the effortlessness to share QR Code Feedback that makes this feedback methodology so effective. 

Also, you can use Zonka Feedback to create surveys effortlessly and generate a feedback QR code for survey in the tool itself to start collecting feedback. 

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Uses of QR Code Surveys

We have discussed the different use cases of QR code surveys below. Let’s read. 

On-Site Retail Feedback with QR Code Surveys in Retail Stores

In retail stores, you may consider sending your customers an email or SMS survey and even print the survey URL on the receipt. But the chances of customers remembering to take the survey after they reach home and making the effort to type in the URL are low. 

But with a QR code survey,  customers can scan the QR code while in the store and share feedback on their phones instantly. Here are some examples to show how customers can share retail store feedback with QR code surveys:

  • Customers can share feedback on the shopping experience, for example, waiting time before billing, by scanning a feedback QR code at the billing or exit points.
  • They can rate trial rooms, changing facilities, ambiance, staff helpfulness, etc. with feedback QR codes in each trial room and in shopping aisles. 
  • New collection or new arrival feedback can be collected with a QR code survey near the new collection section.
  • Feedback QR codes can be printed on receipts and bills so customers can share feedback as they leave the premises. 
  • In malls, QR code surveys can also be used to collect washroom feedback. 
Most importantly, it is far easier for customers to scan a code and share feedback than taking an email survey or going to a kiosk station on the premises to share feedback.

Product Feedback with QR Code Surveys in Manufacturing and Retail Businesses

After customers make a purchase on the website or retail store, you can immediately collect feedback on the purchase experience. But with certain products, customers can share genuine feedback only after using the purchased items. For example, customers can only share genuine feedback on electronic products after using them for 10-15 days. So, this is one of the cases where QR code surveys can be helpful. It's easy to make these codes - simply use any of these best QR code generators.

QR codes with surveys embedded into them can be printed directly on:

  • Products, for example, electronic items
  • Product help books or instruction manual
  • Bill receipts
  • Product packaging

Customers can scan the QR code any time they want and choose to take a product survey when they are ready to share genuine and insightful feedback. 

Product Delivery Feedback for Delivery Service Businesses

Let's say you have a food delivery app where customers can rate the delivery after the order is delivered. But it is very common for anyone to dig into the food right away and totally forget about sharing feedback. And once the moment is gone, customers may not think about rating the delivery service or agent. This can mean the loss of potentially helpful feedback and monetary losses for delivery agents who often earn from customer reviews. 

Taking feedback with QR code in such events is the most ideal. Here's how:

  • The delivery agents can show customers the QR code at the time of delivery and collect in-the-moment feedback. 
  • Feedback QR codes can be printed on the packaging with the text 'Please scan and share delivery feedback' and prompt customers to share feedback before they open the package. 
  • Every order can contain a small placard with the feedback QR code for customers to share feedback. 

And since contactless payments with QR codes have been the new thing ever since the recent pandemic, your customers may in fact prefer sharing feedback through QR code because it comes easy to them. 

Lead Capture and Event Feedback with QR Code Surveys for Events, Conferences, and Workshop

Holding a workshop or event and really looking forward to getting attendees' feedback? QR code surveys will do the job. In events, conferences and workshops, attendees can quickly scan the QR code and share feedback while the experience is still fresh. Here are some examples that would help you understand this use case better:

  • Lead capture data can be collected using surveys embedded in QR codes that can be displayed in events, workshops, and exhibitions. 
  • Workshop feedback can be collected by printing feedback QR codes on workshop material, goodies, tables, presentation slides, tickets, workshop coupons, etc. 
  • In conferences, feedback QR codes can be printed on presentation slides, table tents, brochures, files, exit points, buffet area, etc. Feedback can be specific in terms of knowledge, or schedule, availability, seating arrangement, etc. 
  • Similarly, different kinds of event feedback can be collected using pre, mid, and post-event surveys in QR code. The feedback can be very specific as well, for example, food, seating arrangement, helpfulness, guest management, etc. 
  • In events like exhibitions, for example, automobile exhibition, feedback or lead capture data can be collected after a test drive or one-on-one interaction with a representative.

QR code surveys may dramatically increase the response rate, and hence the feedback quantity so you can capture more qualified leads and use feedback to organize more successful events.  

Guest or Visitor Feedback with QR Code Surveys in Restaurants, Cafes, QSRs

Restaurant guests and customers of cafes and quick service restaurants hardly ever take email or SMS surveys unless they had an extremely pleasant or terrible experience. QR Code Surveys solve this problem. Here's how:

  • Collect service feedback by printing feedback QR codes on table tents, menu cards, and tables in restaurants and cafes. 
  • Food quality feedback can be collected using feedback QR codes on bills, receipts, and exit points. 
  • Collect washroom feedback by displaying feedback QR codes in washrooms.
  • Looking to capture quick-service restaurant feedback? Print a feedback QR code on order or billing counter, menu, and food packaging. 

Guest Feedback with QR Code Surveys in Hotels and BnBs

In the case of a hotel business, feedback QR codes can be displayed everywhere, like the reception counter, in-room menus, spa, in-hotel restaurant, and areas where guests tend to visit. This way, customers can share feedback while they are on your property and their experience is still fresh. For example, 

  • Guests can share cleanliness and room service feedback with QR surveys while in their room; you can simply print the QR code on furniture or in-room menu or hotel brochure. 
  • Hotel restaurant feedback can be collected by printing the feedback QR code on tables, menu cards, etc. 
  • Looking for spa or gym feedback in the hotel? Print feedback QR codes at various points in the spa facility and on gym equipment, in showers, on lockers, etc.  

Patient Feedback in Healthcare Using QR Code Surveys

Just like in other industries, feedback QR codes can be displayed at all the important touchpoints in healthcare facilities. This is because patient satisfaction isn’t just measured by the treatment quality but also by the facility and infrastructure. For example, are the waiting rooms spacious, is the facility clean and hygienic, or is the food quality in the cafeteria satisfactory? With QR code surveys, you can find how patients and visitors perceive you based on these and many other factors.

QR codes can be displayed in washrooms, waiting rooms, cafeterias, reception, entry and exit points, etc., facility so visitors can share feedback conveniently while they are still in the medical facility. 

Student Feedback with QR Code Surveys in Colleges and Universities

In colleges and universities, students may be hesitant to share feedback by email or in person. But with QR code surveys, you can collect feedback anonymously from students. Moreover, it's effortless. Students are tech-savvy and tend to do most work with their phones. Being able to QR code surveys with phones will encourage students to share feedback more actively. Here are some examples of student feedback using QR code surveys: 

  • Facility and infrastructure feedback with QR codes surveys in cafeteria, washrooms, library, labs, sports room, cultural room, etc. 
  • Class and lecture feedback with feedback QR codes on classroom doors and tables. 
  • Cultural or annual event feedback with feedback QR codes on brochures, invitations, boards, banners, etc.  

QR code surveys enable collecting more feedback on different aspects within the same function, which is extremely critical when you're looking to improve the overall student experience. 

Travel and Entertainment Feedback with QR Code Surveys in Flights, Airport, Trains, and Public Transport

When we go see movies and have a bad experience, probably because of poor quality seats or staff behavior, or other reasons, we often don’t know who to share feedback with. But with QR codes on the back of every seat, on tickets, on the food counter, in washrooms, etc., to share feedback, life becomes so much easier.

Similarly, in planes, trains, and metros, QR codes for travelers to share feedback can help improve both government and private transport in cities tremendously. In-flight feedback, public transport feedback, railway feedback – you can get invaluable data with a simple QR code survey. 

You can also collect airport and lounge feedback by printing feedback QR codes at different points like food counters, billing counters, food trays, tables, etc. 

Zonka Feedback QR Code Surveys

Zonka Feedback QR code surveys are super-efficient and are a perfectly viable option whether you're looking to collect feedback on-premises or remotely. We read how you can print your feedback QR code on bills, receipts, invoices, banners, brochures, pamphlets, packaging, and even products directly. Our QR code surveys are the perfect tool for when you want fresh and insightful feedback. Most importantly, you can create surveys quickly and easily. 

We have readymade survey templates for almost all industries that you can use as they are or customize as per your brand. You can add your own aesthetics, edit survey questionnaires, and set survey flow using survey logic. 

Talking about feedback, you can view all the data in insightful reports so it is actionable and actually useful. You can identify customer trends, analyze sentiments, and view trending complaints and challenges. 

Moreover, you can integrate the survey tool with other business software like Zendesk, Freshdesk, HubSpot, Salesforce, Slack, Google Sheets, Intercom, Zapier, etc. 

There are several other features like real time notification, automated workflows, multichannel surveys, and many more that you can enjoy with Zonka Feedback. We also have a 7-day free trail that you can try with a simple sign up


Written by Bhawika

Jan 03, 2023

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