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A Pickle That Is Called ‘Customer Feedback On Social Media’

Social media websites came out of nowhere and have taken the entire world by storm. The statistics of most social media websites are known to everyone with just the click of a button. But just to jog your memory a little: If Facebook was a country, it would have been the fourth most populous in the World. Over 30 million pieces of content are created and shared daily  over Facebook 750 million photos were uploaded on Facebook over the New Year’s weekend 48% OF 18-34 year olds log into Facebook first thing in the morning Clearly, today’s customers are connected very strongly via the Internet. Social media today provides an immense opportunity for businesses as well. Social media offers a simple, inexpensive and quick way of keeping in touch with customers, long after they leave the business. It is no surprise then, that most businesses, particularly in the F&B segment, have dedicated employees updating their presence on social media platforms such as Facebook. The fact is that online marketing and social media strategy is something that no business can afford to miss out on. Social media presence can benefit businesses in several ways: Maintaining a “recall” in their patron’s minds Keeping their customers informed of upcoming events and promotions Providing an opportunity for their customers to provide positive reviews over a public forum Customers can also act as “brand angels”; if they are really satisfied with their experience, they can “like” the establishment’s online page which can quickly promote the business to several more people,…read more