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Update from the Restaurant Show 2014

When we decided to showcase our cool new product, Zonka Feedback at The Restaurant Show 2014 in London, we were hoping for an excellent response to our amazing new software, built after months of hard work and dedication.

But believe me, the reaction generated on the very first day of the exhibition exceeded all our expectations! Many eminent guests from the restaurant, catering and hospitality industries graced our stall yesterday and experienced for themselves the power of taking feedbacks digital. Impressed as they were with the trendiness of the novel method of asking for customer’s feedback, unique features of instant alerts and automatic updating of data, all followed up with a complete and thorough reporting mechanism featuring intelligent analytics and business insights, it is now merely a matter of time before they realize the true potential of Zonka in revolutionizing their business by engaging their customers in a more meaningful manner.

Two days still left at the exhibition – Come meet us at our stall L-02. Let's chat and get to know each other.

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Team Zonka

Written by Team Zonka

Oct 07, 2014

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