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What is an Offline Survey App?

May 24, 2023

We live in an age where we cannot live without the Internet, but ever so often, it happens that we're in an area of bad connectivity, or the WiFi doesn't work, and your page doesn't load. Imagine the same thing happening when your customer is filling out a feedback form on Customer Feedback App in your restaurant or a lead giving you their information at an event using a Lead Capture Tool. What do you do?

You pick an Offline Survey App :)

Take Feedback & Gather Data anywhere with the Offline Survey App🔥

Run surveys on any device in offline mode, even in remote locations and get real-time alerts, responses and insights.

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What is an Offline Survey App?

An Offline Survey App is a software or mobile app that allows users to conduct surveys and take feedback without requiring an internet or WiFi connection. They are designed to work offline, meaning that users can collect data from respondents without needing an active internet connection and the data automatically syncs later when internet is available. Offline Survey Apps usually work on both iOS and Android.

Offline Survey Apps get used in various industries for market research, academic research, customer satisfaction surveys, and other types of data collection. They can be a valuable tool for organizations and individuals who need to gather data in areas with limited internet access or to conduct surveys quickly and efficiently.

There are a lot of benefits to using an Offline Survey App. Suppose you are in remote areas with no internet, which happens so often during market research. Suppose you are in an area with massive connectivity issues (which happens at all exhibitions and events!), or you have patchy internet. You can use an Offline Survey App to get feedback or capture customer and lead data.


What are Offline Surveys?

Offline Surveys are surveys that get conducted without an active internet connection. They get used when an internet connection is not available or reliable, such as in remote areas, during fieldwork, or where respondents may not have access to the internet.

Offline Surveys get conducted using various methods, including paper-based questionnaires or electronic survey forms that can be downloaded onto a device such as a tablet or a smartphone. These electronic survey forms are typically created using apps that allow users to design and customize their surveys.

How does an Offline Survey App work?

An Offline Survey App can work for you and store feedback for several weeks. Let's review how it works:

You can create and customize surveys on the Web Platform. Then download the iPad Survey App or Android Survey App on your devices, download the surveys and then take feedback on mobile devices or tablets without WiFi. The Offline Survey App stores data locally until an internet connection and sync are available. 

Advantages of Offline Survey App

There are several advantages of using an Offline Survey app:

  1. No internet connection required: One of the main advantages of Offline Survey Apps is that they get used without an active internet connection. It means that survey administrators can conduct surveys in areas where internet connectivity is limited or non-existent, such as rural or remote locations.
  2. Data security: Offline Survey apps often store data locally on the device used for the survey, which can increase data security. Because the data is not transmitted over the internet, it could be vulnerable to interception or hacking.
  3. Better data quality: Offline Survey apps help to ensure better data quality by eliminating the risk of incomplete surveys or data loss due to poor internet connectivity. With an Offline Survey App, respondents can complete the entire survey without interruption, resulting in more accurate and complete data.
  4. Real-time data collection: Offline Survey Apps can allow for real-time data collection, which can be helpful for researchers or organizations that need to collect and analyze data quickly.
  5. Cost-effective: Using an Offline Survey App can be a cost-effective way to conduct surveys, eliminating the need for expensive internet connections or data plans.
  6. Customizable: Many Offline Survey Apps offer a range of customization options, including the ability to create custom question types, add multimedia elements such as images or videos, and design the survey to match the branding of the organization conducting the survey.

When to use an Offline Survey App

An Offline Survey App can be helpful in various situations where an internet connection is not available or reliable. Some use cases for Offline Survey Apps include:

  1. Field research: Offline Survey apps can be handy for researchers conducting fieldwork, such as anthropologists or public health researchers working in remote areas. 
  2. Market research: Offline Survey apps use market research surveys in locations where internet connectivity may be limited, such as trade shows or shopping malls.
  3. Customer feedback: Offline Survey Apps get used to collect customer feedback, such as in restaurants or retail stores where internet connectivity may be unreliable. You can take unattended feedback with Kiosk Survey App.
  4. Non-profit and government agencies: Offline Survey Apps get used by non-profit organizations and government agencies to conduct surveys in rural or underdeveloped areas where internet connectivity may be limited.
  5. Academic research: Offline Survey Apps can be used by researchers in the social sciences, such as sociologists, psychologists, or political scientists, to collect data from respondents in locations where internet connectivity may be limited.
  6. Event feedback: Offline Survey Apps can collect feedback from attendees at conferences, festivals, or other events, where internet connectivity may need consistency.
  7. Healthcare: Offline Survey Apps can collect data from patients in remote or underdeveloped areas, that helps healthcare providers improve patient care and treatment.

This way, Offline survey apps can be used in various contexts, including market research, academic research, and public health, to collect data in situations where internet connectivity may be limited or unreliable. The advantages of using an Offline Survey App include better data quality, increased data security, real-time data collection, and cost-effectiveness. With the increasing availability of Offline Survey apps, researchers and survey administrators can now conduct surveys more effectively and efficiently, regardless of the internet connectivity in the area.

Nikhil Dawer

Written by Nikhil Dawer

Feb 17, 2023

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