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Filter your Responses by Time in Zonka Reports

Filter your Responses by Time in Zonka Reports

In Zonka Reports, now you can easily filter data by time. You can select the time slots to choose from or select your custom time for when you want to access the data. This feature will be highly useful for the businesses who want to compare data as per different time slots.

For instance, if a restaurant holds an event every Wednesday from 9-11 PM, the restaurateurs can fill a custom time slot according to them and access data between 9-11 PM exclusively and compare the quality and nature of feedbacks received at the time of the event. They can also use this time filter to examine reviews about their gig and the quality of services offered by the staff at that time particularly.


How it Works

Follow these steps to begin filtering feedbacks based on timing over the web panel –

  1. Visit https://web.zonkafeedback.com/ and log in with your details.
  2. Visit Reports.
  3. Choose Advanced Filters and from the dropdown now choose Filter by Time.
  4. Select one of the available time slots or choose custom time.



Facilitating time based inspections For instance – it is very crucial for hospitals to scrutinize their services at the night time so they can opt to filter feedbacks received during that time. Similarly restaurants can use time based filters to examine feedbacks coming during breakfast, lunch, dinner and during events separately.

Filter your Responses by Device in Zonka Reports

Filter your Responses by Device in Zonka Reports

With the release of our Device Management module, it is now dead easy to monitor and manage devices deployed in your business locations. But with multiple devices deployed, finding a specific device could be somewhat like finding a needle in the haystack. Imagine you want to inspect the frequency of feedbacks coming in on the tablet device deployed at reception in your location number 13.

To ease out this trouble Zonka has introduced ‘Filter by Device Name’ feature in Reports. Now in Zonka Reports,  you can easily filter data by the friendly device names that you can easily add anytime.


How it Works

Follow these steps to begin filtering feedbacks using friendly device names on the web panel-

  • Visit https://web.zonkafeedback.com/ and log in with your details
  • Click on Setup drop-down from the top menu and then click on Devices
  • Add/edit device name to keep a friendly name in Device Management
  • Go to Reports
  • Choose Advanced Filters and from the dropdown now choose Filter by Devices
  • Type/search the friendly device name for which you want to view the reports



Benefits of Filtering by Device Name

  • Device-wise reports view

    Scrutinize the feedbacks collected device-wise and also inspect the number of feedbacks coming in on each of them. If the device is not receiving enough feedbacks, you may want to re-check on its placement and may question the staff who is using that device for feedback collection.

  • Easy identification

     Easily identify a particular device by its friendly name. You can edit the device name anytime.

Pro Tip: Mention location name where device is deployed in its name to easily identify it. For example – ‘Reception iPad (Floor 2)’

Introducing Device Management

Introducing Device Management

In order to capture feedbacks from multiple locations, various devices are deployed in each of them. Device Management feature gives top management the central control of all the devices deployed throughout the network of their enterprise.

Suppose you have feedback collection requirements in 5 of your business locations and you have deployed 20 devices in totality to fulfill it. This new feature update will help you to manage and track all of these 20 devices from a single web panel remotely at any time.

How it Works

Follow these steps to access Device Management feature on your Zonka web panel:

  • Visit web.zonkafeedback.com and log in with your details.
  • Click on Setup drop-down from the top menu and then click on Devices.
  • A list of all the deployed devices in all your locations will appear here.
  • Click on the device name from the list whose profile you want to access.

Pro tip: You can give friendly names to your devices to recognize them easily.

3 Most Powerful Attributes of Device Management


Device management reporting tools give you real-time visibility into your organization’s feedback scenario, including device status, battery, uptime, response collected, device location, access log and much more.

Remote tracking

Various tablets and mobile devices would be deployed in your business locations to capture responses. With Zonka you can track all these devices remotely. Be it 10 devices or 100, you can access all of them all at once on the web panel. You can track the devices by leveraging device details such as app status, battery, last communication, uptime, location, etc.

Device security

Protect devices from unauthorized access and can take away the access from any active device by deactivating it from the web panel directly. The admin can also view the access log along with the IP Address from where the device was logged in ensuring utmost security.

Feature Highlights

Here are the highlights of some of the most crucial features under device management that you can leverage for your business.

App Status

It shows the present status of the device – whether it is Online, Offline or on the App Dashboard – all in real-time.  Inside a device’s profile, you can control the device access by turning the slider off and deactivating the device.Device_info_2


Uptime is the time when the device was functional for response capturing. This information can help you counter any negligence or problem in the employment of the device.Uptime_New


Name of the business location where the device is installed appears here. This information is very crucial if you have multiple business locations active for feedback collection.Location_new

Response Collected

This shows the number of responses collected on that specific device over different dates and time period. You can select date/ time period from the calendar provided above.responses_new


You can define various tags for your device from here. These tags can help you to identify specific devices. For e.g- you can tag the devices by their area of implementation; reception kiosk,  washroom kiosk etc.Tags_new

Access Log

It shows the details regarding the accessibility of the device. The username i.e. the user who accessed the device is mentioned here along with the IP Address using which the device was accessed is stated here. It also shows the date and time when the device was accessed.Access_Log
Device management for Zonka comes packed with amazing features for managing your devices with utmost efficiency. For detailed information regarding what all can be done with it please visit- 


How did Zonka get it’s name?

How did Zonka get it’s name?

zonka-logoRaise your arms (after done reading!) if you have ever wondered about our name, ‘Zonka’ – what it means, what was the inspiration behind it, and how exactly did we come up with it?

A brief look through even the most detailed dictionary out there will tell you that the word Zonka does not belong to the English language. We’ll save you some time by letting you know upfront that it does not belong to any other spoken language either. We’re proud creators of the word ‘Zonka’ AND there is an interesting story behind the creation of it.

So the legend goes thus: back in the good old days when restaurants, hotels, stores and other businesses were still capturing feedbacks on pen-and-paper based forms, we were busy coming up with a cool new product to implement the same on Android, iOS and Web-based apps. The product was well past its development when a member of our young and dynamic team remarked how the product didn’t even have a proper name yet! It was referred by its codename – CFS (Customer Feedback System).

For a product known for its “coolness”, CFS didn’t quite live up to its “name” (pun intended). One thing that everybody agreed on was that the name should ideally have an odd number of alphabets, in accord with the notion of feedback ratings having odd-numbered levels. An odd number of syllables would reinforce this scheme. The other thing all of us desired was that the word should be unique and “out-of-the-box”; in other words, not in use anywhere.

Perhaps the most interesting brainstorming session ever to have taken place at the Zonka office followed wherein everybody involved in the product – from the product manager right down to the coders (affectionately called “Software Freaks”) were asked to come up with a unique-sounding 3 or (preferably) 5- letter words. The result was an amusing list of over 100 such words, not a single one them making any sense whatsoever!

True to our spirit of democracy and ‘Net Promoters’, a polling session followed in which each of these words was spelled out aloud and number of people ‘Promoting’ and number of people ‘Detracting’ were counted, giving us the NPS of each word.

With over 74% of our team having taken a peculiar liking to a certain 5-letter word beginning with ‘Z’, the final decision, when we came down to it, was rather easy as Zonka emerged a clear winner, beating the likes of ‘Swupy’ and ‘Izein’.

We love it. And if it were up to us, we would put it in the dictionary as a synonym for a versatile, reliable and a refreshingly new way of collecting customer feedback. #truestory