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Policies and Procedures

We’re committed to keeping your data secure, your private information private, and being transparent about our practices as a business.

Cookies Policy

Last updated May 25, 2018

Zonka Technologies Private Limited (“Zonka Feedback”), the company that manages the “Website” www.zonkafeedback.com, it’s application on iOS and Android platforms, services and subscriptions and all its properties, utilizes cookies to enhance online user experience for casual browsers, visitors to website, as well as free trial users and subscribers. The document below enlists all information about what types of cookies Zonka Feedback uses, how to disable these cookies and how to disable third-party cookies.

In case you are looking for more information or have any questions and concerns regarding the same, please feel free to contact us at hello@zonkafeedback.com anytime.

This privacy policy applies to all information collected through our website (such as www.zonkafeedback.com), mobile application, (“Apps”), and/or any related services, sales, marketing or events (we refer to them collectively in this privacy policy as the “Sites”).
Please read this privacy policy carefully as it will help you make informed decisions about sharing your personal information with us.

About Cookies

HTTP Cookies (“Web Cookies”, “Browser Cookies”, “Internet Cookies”, “Cookies”) is a small piece of data sent from a website when a user visits the website and store on the user’s computer by the web browser while the user is browsing. Cookies are small text files that contain data regarding your browsing preference, session data that can be useful according to the website to improve your browsing experience. These can be read by the web server in the domain that issued the cookie to you.

Does Zonka Feedback use Cookies?

Yes, Zonka Feedback, our affiliates and analytics partners use Cookies to enhance browsing experience and ensure that all Users who use the Website have the best possible experience.

Are the Cookies used by Zonka Feedback safe?

All the Cookies used by Zonka Feedback are safe for your browser and your computer and only store information used by the browser. These Cookies do not and cannot execute any action in your computer or access the contents stored in your computer. The Cookies used by Zonka Feedback do not contain any malware or viruses. The Cookies are necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the website and information is stored by Cookies and used to enhance user experience, such as identifying and resolving errors.

Are the Cookies used by Zonka Feedback safe?

Zonka Feedback uses Session Cookies and Persistent Cookies. Session Cookies last during the session on your Website and Persistent Cookies last longer and are helpful for ensuring keeping you logged in, storing your preferences and for targeting and advertising. Information that we store in these Cookies includes date of first visit, date of recent visit, browser, platform (Operating System), resolution, URLs browsed, country, IP Address, referral website, Google Ads information and other adward information.

We also may partner with third-party ad networks to display advertisement on our Website or to display our Advertisement on other Websites while you browse. Our ad network partners use Cookies to collect information about your activities and show you targeted advertising based on your interests and based on whether you have visited our website before. This information is non-personal and cannot be used to identify your personal details. Our ad partners may use Cookies to match IP addresses, which is crucial for displaying you the targeted advertisements and for charging us for the same.

How can a user block these Cookies?

You can manage, allow, or block Cookies in your browser’s configuration settings. Browsers provide useful information on how you can block the Cookies. Please find information on some popular browsers below.

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer

For information on more browsers, you can refer to their documentation.

Updates to our Cookies Policy

If there are any significant changes to this Policy, you will be notified by a prominent notice on our Websites prior and after the change has become effective. We also encourage you to periodically review this page for the latest information on the Policy. Your continued use of the Website constitutes your agreement to be bound by such changes to this Policy. If you do not accept the Terms of this Policy, you should discontinue use of and access to the Website.

For any further information, you can contact us at hello@zonkafeedback.com.