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Customer Satisfaction

What is Customer Satisfaction? How to measure it and how to improve it?

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What is Customer Satisfaction?

Customer Satisfaction is the extend to which your customers are happy and satisfied with company’s products, services and capabilities. It is a measurement of how products and services meet the customers’ expectations.

Why measure Customer Satisfaction?

If you don’t measure Customer Satisfaction, you won’t know your unhappy customers and why they’re unhappy. If you don’t know that - you won’t know what to improve and you will lose your customers.

How to measure Customer Satisfaction?

The best way to measure Customer Satisfaction is to ask your Customers directly about how happy they are. The easiest way to do this is by doing Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

What is a Customer Satisfaction Software?

With a Customer Satisfaction Survey Software you can run CSAT Surveys and get Customer Feedback in real-time with amazing analytics to help you take action and business decisions.

Using Customer Satisfaction Surveys to measure Customer Happiness & Satisfaction

Listen to the voice of every customer and make their feedback count

  • Make customers feel they matter

    When you ask customers how they feel, it makes them know you care!
  • Take real-time feedback

    Gather real-time data with automated surveys at all touchpoints.
  • Resolve issues quicker

    With real-time feedback, know and resolve issues faster than ever before.
  • Keep customers happy & reduce churn

    When you keep customers happy, they’re less likely to leave your business.
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Measure Customer Satisfaction at every touchpoint, using every channel

Capture Customer Feedback, in the moment, as it happens to measure Customer Satisfaction. Using a CSAT Survey Software makes it easy.

  • Set up Offline Kiosks & Tablet Feedback Forms
  • Send Customer Satisfaction Surveys via Email & SMS
  • Put up Customer Satisfaction Feedback form on your Website
  • And more!

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