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Digital Comment Card – Better Than Paper

Say goodbye to Clipboard Paper Feedback Forms. Say hello to Zonka Feedback, your digital comment card.

While most companies still tend to opt for traditional clipboard paper feedback forms to capture their guest feedback on-premises, it is highly ineffective and leads to more wastage of paper, time and resources than providing benefits of better evaluation, in-time customer feedback response, service and business improvements and more.

Customer Feedback is a powerful tool to get greater business, add loyal customers and build more customers. Make a switch to Digital Feedback Apps to enjoy the benefits of on-premise and real-time and use customer feedback for real improvements and growth in your company and brand.

Tablet-based touchscreen feedback forms

Here are a few reasons why you should switch to Tablet-based touchscreen feedback forms immediately.

Tablet feedback form

Say Goodbye to Boring Paper Feedback Forms

Paper-based feedback forms are boring and passe! Replace with a swanky tablet feedback form, with interesting rating styles to impressive the guests!

Save Printing Costs

Traditional feedback forms on paper come with heavy printing and storage costs. With tablet-based feedback forms, you can save on printing costs.

tablet-based feedback forms
Template feedback Form

Flexibility – Easy Modifications

With traditional paper forms, modification of questions and any other changes is a tedious and lengthy process. With tablets, make changes and modifications within minutes!

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No Feedback Data Manipulation

All feedbacks collected are stored securely, can be shared hierarchy-wise and are password protected. No risk of manipulations as in paper feedbacks.

customer feedback & survey app
real-time feedback reports

Real-time Reports

Feedbacks collected on tablets and kiosks are instantly available for real-time feedback analysis. You can access feedbacks from any device, on the go.


Go Eco-Friendly!

Replacing traditional, clipboard paper feedback forms with surveys on touch-screen tablets is environment friendly and leads to no paper-wastage. Join the green initiative.


surveys on touch-screen tablets

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It’s time to ditch the traditional ways of capturing feedback and replace those with tablet-based feedback management systems.

feedback management system