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About Employee Satisfaction

What is Employee Satisfaction?

Employee Satisfaction is the extend to which employees are happy and satisfied with their job and the role they play in a company. Satisfied and happy employees feel good about their role, communicate better, perform better and contribute better in an organization.

Why measure Employee Satisfaction?

Employee Satisfaction is very closely linked to Employee Turnover. Hence, it is important to measure and improve Employee Satisfaction to reduce churn and improve employee performance.

How to measure Employee Satisfaction?

The best way to measure Employee Satisfaction is by using Employee Satisfaction Surveys which can be fully customized to ask relevant questions at relevant touchpoints.

What is an Employee Feedback Software?

With an Employee Feedback Software, you can get real-time and continuous feedback from your employees along with Employee Feedback Reports and improve Employee Engagement.

Why use Employee Satisfaction Surveys?

Listen to the voice of every employee and make employee feedback count

  • Survey your Team

    Use customized surveys and questions to survey your entire team.
  • Take Real-time Feedback

    Gather real-time data with automated surveys at all touchpoitns.
  • Resolve issues quicker

    With real-time feedback, know and resolve issues faster than ever before.
  • Keep Employees Happy & Reduce Turnoverh

    When you keep employees happy, they’re less likely to look for job change and contribute more to the organization.

Employee Feedback Channels

Use Different Feedback Channels for Different Employee Surveys

Reach your employees wherever they are using different Survey Channels for different Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Email Surveys

Distribute Employee Surveys via Email across the Organization to reach your Employees instantly and get their feedback on-the-go.

Kiosk Surveys

Set up Employee Feedback Kiosks on iPads & Android Tablets at key touchpoints like Washroom, Cafeteria, Reception.

Website Surveys

Embed Employees Surveys on your Website using Web Embed and Widgets to get feedback while they’re logged in.

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Employee Net Promoter Score

Measure the Right Employee Satisfaction Metrics

With Employee Net Promoter (eNPS), you can measure satisfaction and loyalty within your organization. eNPS Surveys are crucial to discover unsatisfied employees and issues. It helps to measure loyalty and gives valuable data to your business to work out issues and reduce churn.

Besides eNPS, measure Employee Satisfaction and collect data.

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Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Using an Employee Feedback Software, create different Employee Satisfaction Surveys

  • eNPS
    Measure Employee Net Promoter Score using eNPS Surveys and measure the loyalty of your employees.
  • Employee Exit Survey
    Find out what made your employees leave.
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
    Know whether your employees are truly happy & satisfied at work.
  • Employee Engagement Survey
    Assess how motivated your employees are to perform their tasks & contribute.
  • Employee Wellness Survey
    Gauge how employees perceive the Employee Wellness and Wellbeing programs in the organization.
  • Employee Pulse Survey
    Pulse Surveys are short & quick surveys sent to employees on a regular basis, like weekly, monthly to quickly gauge the ‘pulse’ of the employees.
  • Employee Onboarding Survey
    With Onboarding Surveys you can understand how well employees found the process of recruiting, hiring and onboarding.
  • Employee Training Survey
    Conduct Employee Surveys Post-Trainings to gauge how employees perceived the training and its effectiveness.
  • Employee Post-Interview Survey
    Use Interview Feedback Surveys to understand how you can improve your interviewing & recruiting process.
  • Cafeteria Feedback
    Run cafeteria surveys to find out if your company matches the needs of your employees.
  • Facility Feedback
    Get constructive and real-time feedback about facilities and amenities in the organization.
  • Employee Health & Safety Survey
    Get feedback about workplace Health & Safety measures - both physical as well as mental health of the employees.
  • Washroom Feedback
    With Washroom Feedback, you can know instantly about washroom cleanliness, washroom issues and more from employees directly.


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