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Today’s customers are tech-savvy and want easy & seamless interaction. Be it transaction or the response to their queries, they expect quick and seamless service from you. The level of effort experienced by the customers determines the customer experience. So, analyzing the effort level of your customers is mandatory for you. Here Customer Effort Score metric enters into the play.         

Customer Effort Score (CES) metric is the imperative benchmark that cannot only improve the experience of your customers but also helps you to develop long-lasting customer-relationship.   

Here we are compiling 3 common ways to improve Customer Effort Score at your company:

1. Provide Easy-to-use Feedback Platform

Feedback channel provides your customers with a platform where they can speak about your company and your products/services and share their grievances for any inconvenience. So, if you provide your customers with the easy-to-use feedback platform, you could easily figure out your customers’ perception of your brand. And when you give quick responses to their queries and address their grievances, they get satisfied and become your loyal customers.

You can provide your customers with the numerous multi-channel feedback options including Email Survey, SMS Survey, Kiosk, QR Codes, Tablet Feedback system, and many more. These feedback channels provide real-time communication platform and drive quality response rate.

SMS & Email as a Customer Feedback Channel
According to Zingle, customers have experienced a 400% increase in response rate with text message surveys compared to the industry average email survey response rate.

2. Close the Negative Feedback Loop

Getting negative reviews from customers is not the biggest concern, as long as figure out the solutions to mitigate their impact. When you received negative feedback from your customers, don’t panic. Strategize to mitigate the impact of negative feedback and focus on closing the feedback loop on a positive note to improve the customer experience.

So, if you want to retain your customers then start following up with your customers who responded with a negative rate and closes the negative feedback loop. When you follow up with your grumpy customers and address their grievances, this gives a positive impact on customers that you are really concerned about their negative experience and want to improve it. Closing a negative feedback loop provides you with the opportunity to reduce the customer churn rate and rebuild customer loyalty.

3. Evaluate Your Customer Service Performance

Customer Service is the linchpin that determines the success of the business. Today’s customers are tech-savvy and expect everything to be quick and seamless. Thus, slow response time and high effort experience can turn your customers away from your website. So, if you want to improve the customer experience, you need to speed up the communication process to reduce the interaction efforts.  

Customer Effort Score metric will not only evaluate the customer efforts to interact with you but also help you to find specific points where you can speed up communication.