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In general, there are three primary methods by which you can send customer satisfaction surveys:

In-App or On-Site Surveys

They are presented to the consumers while they are in the process of using your service. This implies an instant response and also a possibly high response rate. Nevertheless, in-app surveys have to be effortlessly put to the user interface so as not to annoy or detract from the customer experience.

Post-Service or Post-Purchase Surveys

These types of surveys approach the customer's right after-service communication. They can happen by means of e-mail, live chat, or over the phone. It's necessary not to gather responses the only object of the call or message without adding no worth to the client. Instead, request feedback right after addressing a concern or while introducing a new feature.

Email Surveys

If you want to ask broader questions regarding the entire customer experience, then e-mail is the best option. You can target segmented customers to ask in-depth questions concerning their situation. While email surveys have the lowest response rates, they enable customers that desire to answer in-depth and offer you constructive feedback. You can utilize these in-depth feedback to boost consumer satisfaction.