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A result-driven email survey requires planning. Smart planning helps you to identify your survey goals and positioned your survey in a better way to collect valuable and actionable customer feedback. Explore 4 Ws and 1 H components as an important part of Email Survey Strategies:

Email Survey Strategies: 4Ws 1H 

  • Why - Purpose of conducting Survey
  • Who - Identify Your Audience
  • What - Survey Content
  • When - Plan Your Delivery
  • How - Determine the Distribution Channel

Why? - Identify Your Survey Goals

You need to acquire customer data that serve a better market to your audience and drives a better sale. Thus, it is crucial for you to identify the purpose and objective of conducting the survey. So, keep your survey goals in mind while framing your feedback questions and plan how you’ll take action on the feedback.

Who? - Identify Your Target Audience

The tone, style, structure, and content of the email survey are considering factors that determine the success of your email survey. But all these factors vary as per your targeted audience. After setting your survey goals, identify your targeted audience and focus on their preferences. For Example - Say, if your targeted audiences are mobile users, then you need to make your email survey mobile-optimized.

What? - Decide Your Survey Content

The response rate of your email survey also depends on the content of your survey. What questions you will ask and how this matters a lot while designing the survey. On top of all these, you also need to settle on your subject line and survey introduction content because both the parameters provide a chance to state your purpose and make a perfect environment for active participation.

When? - Plan Your Delivery Time

Timing is one of the important factors that determines the open rate of your email survey. When it comes to delivering a survey at the appropriate time, you need to ascertain a few things including the time of day, transactions, and customer status. According to Campaign Monitor, over half of all emails are opened during standard work hours, between 9 am and 5 pm.

How? - Determine the Survey Distribution Channel

Since you've chosen your time, now focus on determining the survey distribution channel. Will you send your email survey manually or automate the process through a tool? Before choosing any email survey tool, there are few important things to acknowledge like will the email survey tool supports CRM & APIs integration, storage of survey results, recipients segmentation process and much more.