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You need to make the nature and availability of your survey quick and easy to convince your respondents to open your email survey. If you are looking for a free, quick & easy way to add button or embed a survey in an email, we have complied down the 5 easy steps to embed the customer feedback survey to your email:

Create & Design Your Survey

There are various Online Survey Tools available in the market from which you can quickly create surveys with a single choice question like NPS, CES or CSAT on your first screen. Make sure that your survey should be short and easy to answer and shouldn’t involve long, complicated responses.

Click on ‘Send an Email’ Option

Once you are set with your survey, go to Survey List and click on Email Icon under the distribute column to send an email invitation for that survey to your customers and respondents.

Compose Email

Email survey software provides complete automation over the content of the email. While composing an email survey, you can edit both your email content (including subject line and sender’s address) and survey questions (choose either Embedded or Button).

Add Your Respondents

Once you set with the email body, signature, and other settings, you can send your question embedded email survey to your recipients. You can send the survey in two ways, either you import CSV or you can directly import respondents lists.

Preview Your Screen and Send Your Email Survey

You can also preview your email screen to have a final look at your survey. This helps you to avoid the blunders and send an accurate email survey to the respondents. It is advisable that you always test your email invitation by temporarily changing the URL to the preview URL of the survey.