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A great way to increase email survey responses is embedding customer feedback surveys within the email. Embedded Email Surveys are email surveys where a question of your survey is sent embedded within the email body itself. Since the customers can see the question when they open the email, they are more likely to click on the response and this leads to better response rate. On clicking the embedded email survey, the rest of the survey continues on browser.

Let’s learn how to embed customer feedback surveys in your email, in 4 easy steps:

4 Steps to Embedding Questions in your Email Survey  

  1. Create your Email Survey
  2. Customize your Email Survey
  3. Add your Recipients
  4. Preview your Email and Send


1. Create your Email Survey

The first step to sending embedded email surveys is of course to create your survey and customize it to the questions you’d like to ask.

  • Add a new survey - Start by clicking on the option ‘setup’ to reach on the page Surveys and Feedback Forms. From there you can add a new survey by clicking on the ‘+Add new survey’ button.
  • Choose templates - Choose from pre-made, expert survey templates based on your industry and use case. You can also create surveys from scratch.
  • Add from 30+ survey questions - Choose from over 30+ survey questions to create feedback forms. These questions include Radio Button, MCQs, Stars Rating, Likert Scale, NPS, CES, CSAT and much more.
  • Customize your survey - Customize your survey with the multiple survey languages, skip logic and branching and white-label options.
  • Choose first question as rating question - Ensure that the first question of your survey is a rating question like NPS, CES or CSAT as questions with non-clickable options like text fields, comment boxes cannot be embedded within email surveys.

2. Customize your Email Survey

While composing an email survey, you can edit both your email content (including subject line and sender’s address) and survey questions (choose either Embedded or Button).

  • Add a subject line — Add a good email survey subject line to maximize the response rate.
  • Write the email body — Customize your email body as per your respondents.
  • Choose ‘Embed question’ — Choose option to embed the first question of your survey in the email itself. Respondents can answer the questions directly in the email body.

3. Add Your Recipients

Once you set with the email body, signature, and other settings, you can send your question embedded email survey to your recipients. You can add your recipients in 3 ways:

  • Manually — Add your respondents manually by adding email IDs of your recipients.
  • By CSV — Import CSV with email addresses. The CSV can also have additional data about respondents. 
  • By List — Create a list of contacts in Zonka Feedback with new email addresses or previous respondents and send email surveys to them. 

4. Preview your Email Survey and Send

Like everything else in life, you should always cross check your email surveys as well. Preview the entire survey and email body before sending it out.