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To track the Net Promoter Score of your business, you need to conduct the Net Promoter Score survey to collect customer feedback. The channel you choose to collect NPS feedback determines the quality of the responses. There are different channels available in the market to distribute your net promoter score survey.

6 Best Channels to Distribute the Net Promoter Score Survey

1. Capture NPS on iPads, Android Tablets & Kiosks 

If you're looking at capturing Net Promoter Score from customers and employees on the premises itself then using a Net Promoter Score Survey App for iPads and Android tablets is ideal. You can hand this over (like in a restaurant post a meal) or set it up as a feedback kiosk (like at a bank or airport) to gauge the NPS. A good Net Promoter Score Survey App will also run in the offline mode, i.e. without WiFi so you're able to get NPS from your customers without relying on good internet connectivity.  

Kiosk Implementation Ideas

Wall/table mounted Desktop mounted Freestanding kiosks
  • Wall mounted kiosks are apt for conducting NPS surveys at places such as washrooms, hotel rooms, inside patient wards in hospitals.
  • Integrate these with the POS systems at the retail stores, departmental stores, etc. Customers can fill up a quick NPS survey while they are getting billed for the shopping.
  • Free standing kiosks should be implemented at optimum heights at high frequency areas, so that more and more people can come up and fill the survey.


2. Embed NPS Surveys on Website or share through Survey Links

Using NPS Surveys on your website lets you capture NPS from your customers while they're still on your website. You can embed the NPS Survey on your website to get customer feedback online. Use this on any generic page or inside blog and help pages. These are also great to use on post interaction and transaction pages like after making a purchase, after completion of an activity and similar.

This way customers can share their feedback with you before they leave the website. You can also share the online survey links to your customers and employees to capture their Net Promoter Score.

3. Email NPS Survey

Another great way to share Net Promoter Score Survey is to email the NPS Surveys to customers. These NPS emails can be triggered on regular time intervals, for example, you could send out feedback surveys to your customers on a quarterly basis (relationship NPS) or these are be sent after a purchase or an interaction with your business (transactional NPS). You can create and send Email Surveys With Zonka Feedback within minutes.

Sending Email Survey through Zonka Feedback 

  • Create your NPS Survey - add the NPS question + add follow up questions (this can be a single follow up question or multiple questions based on the NPS response)
  • Customize it with you company's logo, colors
  • Customize the email - add your sender email address, your email message, colors
  • Embed the NPS question within the survey (this will lead to higher response rate)
  • Add your contacts or upload a CSV and send your NPS Survey
  • Track your responses and Net Promoter Score in real time

4. NPS Survey via SMS

NPS Surveys sent on SMSes are the easiest and fastest way to reach out to your customers. NPS survey links sent on text messages will surely grab your customer’s attention in a jiffy and its opening rates will always be high as compared to Email NPS surveys. Moreover, NPS surveys on SMS is an excellent way of gauging customer satisfaction post service. This medium of survey distribution is being actively used by Travel industry (Airlines, Railways), E-Commerce and Healthcare industry.

Pro Tip - SMSes are already too intrusive in nature so their frequency must be regulated so that they do not irritate your customers.

Benefits of sending NPS Surveys via Email and SMS  

  • You don't need the customers or employees to be on-premises to send them NPS Surveys when using email and SMS survey distribution methods.
  • You can send it to post any interaction, like a sign up on your website, a purchase, a transaction. 
  • You can add a delay in sending the SMS and Email Surveys so customers can evaluate their experience for a few days before responding to the NPS Survey (for example, you may want to get their likelihood of recommending a product they purchased. Sending an NPS question right after purchase will not give the customer enough time to use and evaluate the product. In this case, a delay in sending the NPS survey will be very helpful. 
  • You can track SMS and Email Survey open rate, response rate and deliverability using Zonka Feedback's NPS Survey Software.


5. Social Media Survey

Social Media is another influential channel where you can communicate with your customers. In fact, 90% of social media users have already used social media as a way to communicate with a brand or business. So, sharing the NPS survey link on social media channels can provide you with actionable data and will help you to improve your products & services. Thus, placing the survey link on any social media channels can increase its visibility to an audience and entices them to give the response.

6. QR Code

QR codes can be used very effectively for getting feedback and NPS from customers. These can be printed on bill receipts, delivery boxes, flashed on the website or put up on the counter for customers to scan and open the survey link and share their feedback. These are great to use as a low-investment method of taking feedback. Of course, the response rate isn't comparable to other forms of capturing feedback but this is a very non-intrusive way to set up an NPS Feedback System.