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Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey comprises a Net Promoter Score question (How likely are you to recommend us?) is sent to customers to get a concise understanding of their loyalty with the brand or organization. Response to this question helps you identify the potential promoters and detractors of your brand.

You can apply Net Promoter Score in a number of ways, including a relationship metric or Transactional feedback.

Types of Net Promoter Score Survey - Zonka


Transactional NPS Survey

Transactional NPS Survey is conducted to determine the customers' perception immediately after specific interaction or transaction or event like placing a new order, booking tickets, doing online payment and so on. Taking feedback from your customers right after the event or interaction will help you understand what exactly caused their sentiment and as a result, acknowledge the positive effect or fix the issue, in case of an unpleasant experience.

With Transactional NPS Surveys, it is easy to determine which interaction caused an unpleasant experience for the customer. 

Transactional NPS surveys use specific wording that mentions the transaction or event. So, instead of using the normal question as is and being asked, how likely are customers to recommend your business in general, in transactional NPS Surveys, it is better to ask 'based on your current order or purchase or visit, how likely are you to recommend this company to your friends and colleagues.' This is very helpful in ensuring that the customers rate you on the event you're looking to get NPS for. 

When you should use the Transactional NPS Surveys?

There are some touch-points where a Transactional survey can be used. These are: 

  • Post-Service Feedback or after a Ticket or Call - After a ticket has been closed, or a customer call has concluded, or a service has been delivered, sending an NPS survey to determine customers' satisfaction with the experience is a great idea. This will help you determine customer's satisfaction and perception based on their recent experience as well as give you an idea about the performance of the customer service agent. 
  • After New Business Interaction - Asking your customers how satisfied they are with your service after a new transaction is critical since such Transactional interactions are often identified with some issues like an unsatisfactory installment procedure, a wrongly delivered/damaged shipment, and more. 
  • Important Product Update - Asking for customer feedback cannot only help you to understand audience reaction to a new product but also suggest improvements to spare you from potential blunders. 

Relationship NPS Survey

A Relationship Survey is conducted to gauge the general experience of customers of being associated with your organization. Relationship survey can be conducted by posing the simple question that How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or family on a scale of 0 to 10? These surveys can be done regularly like bi-annually, or quarterly. 

For example - Bank & Financial institutions send Relationship NPS Survey to their customers at the end of the year to track the overall experience of their customers.

Relationship or Transactional Surveys? 

Both Relationship and Transactional Surveys have their own significance when it comes to tracking customer experience and loyalty. The one you pick for your survey entirely depends on the situation. We recommend that Relationship and Transactional Surveys can be used together on different occasions like use Transactional NPS Surveys post any event and interaction and use Relationship NPS Surveys to determine the general health of the relationship on a timely basis.