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Net Promoter Score not only tells you about your loyal and disloyal customers but also provides you with the actionable data, especially if used the right way with follow up questions. Acting on this NPS feedback data can provide you with the opportunity to improve the level of your products/services. This, in turn, improves the user experience of your customers. Thus, with NPS you can now effectively monitor the impact of their customer experience strategies.

There are thousands of companies who have experienced the positive impact of making Net Promoter Score a part of their customer experience and marketing strategy.

Importance of Measuring Net Promoter Score 

  1. Ensures Sustainable Business Growth 
  2. Improves Interaction with both Existing & Prospective Customers
  3. Reduces Customer Churn Rate
  4. Helps in Upgrading or Developing New Products/Services
  5. Ensures Quick & Result-Driven Decision Making Ability


Ensures Sustainable Business Growth

Various companies and business units have indicated NPS as a leading indicator of business growth. Based on the net promoter score, companies begin to streamline their marketing strategies along with customer service efforts. This, in turn, augment the sustainable growth of the business by saving resources and increasing the productivity level of the team.

Improve Interaction with both Existing & Prospective Customers

Net Promoter Score is committed to delivering better customer experience by constantly augmenting the interaction between the brand and the existing & new customers. As NPS easily tracks the perception of the customers towards the brand, so this provides business with the opportunity to improve the product/service and make the business culture more customer-driven. Thus, NPS has also lower the customer acquisition costs.

Reduces Customer Churn Rate

Customer Churn Rate refers to the percentage of customers that stopped using the product/service of the customer during a certain period. It is important for you to understand why your customer didn’t recommend your product. Here, NPS provides customer perception in the form of actionable data. Based on the score, you can easily upgrade and do value addition in your product/service to enhance the CX. This, in turn, helps you to reduce the customer churn rate and boost your business growth.

Helps in Upgrade or Develop New Products/Services

NPS provides actionable data that give you a detailed insight into your customer preference and purchase behavior. Ignoring these data won’t do much, but if you strive to improve customer experience, these data can convert your simple business to a customer-driven organization. Thus, NPS helps improving customer experience by widening the scope of product/service improvement.

Ensures Quick & Result-Driven Decision Making Ability

NPS enables entrepreneurs to solely focus on both their happy & unhappy customers. Calculating NPS is like keeping an eye on every customized requirement of customers. NPS Data helps you to track the bespoke requirements of your customers and fulfill them quickly without any delay. Based on the quick analyses through the NPS, you can take quick and precise business decisions without investing more resources and time.