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Collecting customer feedback will help retailers or eCommerce store owners to improve their business. It provides businesses with a better understanding of their customers’ needs and helps them to identify their level of satisfaction.

A survey tool automates the process of capturing the feedback from the walk-in customers at Retail stores, Shops, Outlets, Supermarkets and Malls at multiple locations.

Be it an online store or in-store experience, A survey tool enables retailer or a store owner to easily take valuable customer feedback without biases in different ways:

1. Online Shopping Feedback - If customers buy your products and services from your online or eCommerce store, a customer survey app enables you to get instant real-time customer feedback in different ways:

  • Display link on website - Displaying or embedding surveys on the website are the easiest way to get feedback. A survey in a popup form or a button can quickly grab the attention of your visitors and entice them to give their feedback.
  • Send online survey link via Email or SMS - Sometimes customers tend to skip the survey. So, you can share survey links via email or SMS that allow respondents to give feedback
  • Integrate into your App - You can integrate the online survey on your web or mobile app to enable customers and employees to give feedback using an online survey link.

2. On-Store Feedback - Collecting on-premises feedback helps you to get instant and real-time feedback from the customers. On-premises feedback collection modes allow the respondents to give instant real-time feedback without peer pressure. This helps businesses to collect honest and valuable feedback. Some of the popular channels that enable you to get on-store feedback are:

  • iPads, Android Tablets & Kiosks - If you're looking at capturing on-premises or instant real-time customers’ feedback at your store, then kiosks, iPads, and Android tablets are ideal options. You can hand this over (like in a store post-purchase) or set it up as a feedback kiosk (like at a cash counter) to gauge the customer experience.
  • SMS Feedback - SMS is the easiest and fastest medium to reach out to your customers. If you send your survey links on the text messages it will surely grab your customer’s attention in a jiffy. The opening rates of SMS will always be high as compared to Email surveys.