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You can gauge the passengers’ experience at various touchpoints or interaction levels at the airport and during and after their journey on the flight including check-in, post-security security check, at washrooms, inflight, post-flight and other key areas to get real-time passenger feedback. There are different ways to collect passengers feedback at airport and flight:

  • Kiosk-Based Feedback - To have a real-time and instant check on the passengers' experience at various touchpoints at the airport you can install kiosk. A good kiosk survey app enables you to run your survey in the offline mode, i.e. without WiFi, now you don’t have to rely on the internet connectivity to reach your customers.
  • Email and SMS feedback post-flight - You can also send emails with survey links to passengers to give feedback or embed survey questions within email about their airline experience. Sharing mobile-responsive survey links to passengers through SMS can also drive maximum responses.

Why Customer Feedback Software is Essential at Airports

A customer Feedback Software works as a platform where airline service providers can listen to each passenger’s opinions and comments about their services including, staff, flight journey, and other airport amenities. With the passengers' feedback, airline service providers cannot only monitor and address the recurring issues, but also able  to identify the latest trends that will help them to enhance their services. 

You can track the passengers' level of satisfaction at various touchpoints at the airport and during and after their journey on flight. You can also set up at check-in, post security security check, at washrooms, inflight, post flight and other key areas to get real-time airline passenger feedback, get detailed, instant reports and take corrective actions instantly.

An ideal Passenger Feedback Software is fully equipped with the customized features that enables the users to create customize airport surveys and feedback forms to ask pertinent questions depending on the touch-point. Plus, you can produce logic-based surveys.

You can  customized your passengers' feedback forms with the skip-logic survey to get better and more actionable data. Through Skip Logic, Hide Screen or Branching, user can skip or hide a few screens of the survey based on respondents’ answer. For example, if the customer had a bad screen, they could continue to the next screen where you ask them questions about how you can improve. Whereas for customers who had a good experience you can skip the screen.

An ideal Passenger Feedback Software enables you to capture the real-time instant passenger feedback regarding staff, their behavior, security issues. This helps you to monitor and analyze the performance of your staff and take corrective actions to improve the efficiency of the staff member.