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    Set up your feedback management platform with a quick startup guide and information about your account, general settings and subscription.


    Surveys and Feedback Forms

    Set up your feedback forms and surveys on Zonka Feedback. Create white-labelled, multi-lingual and logic-based surveys for tablets, kiosks, online, email and SMS.


    Taking Responses

    Take feedback on tablets (Android or iOS), kiosks, online, and through email and SMS. Use single or multi-channels to run surveys and feedback forms.


    Response and Task Management

    Manage feedbacks and surveys responses in Response Inbox with team collaboration. Filter, tag and take action on feedbacks. Create and manage tasks.


    Reports, Insights and Digest

    Get real-time feedback reports and insights in Zonka Feedback. Filter reports, save reports, schedule reports and view comparative reports.


    Users, Locations and Devices

    Set up your users to collaborate. Add multiple business locations to take feedback across all your centers. Track tablets & devices connected to your feedback account.


    APIs & Integrations

    Integrations are a great way to make apps talk to each other. Zonka offers APIs, Webhooks and Integrations to make feedback management more effective.