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    Adding a User

    By default, the user who has signed up for Zonka is the admin and first team member. However, you can add more team members to help and collaborate in the feedback capturing process. Their roles and permission access can be selected under Roles and Permissions. You can also select the name of the person from the drop-down to whom this new User will report. Under the ‘Should be listed in team member list in surveys?’ section select Yes radio button if you would like the name of the this newly added user to appear in the pre/post capture screen of the survey. And select the No button if you do not want this user’s name to appear there. People in the upper management of the company would obviously not collect the responses, so select the No button if you are adding a person who has nothing to do with collecting the feedbacks.

    To add a user, do the following:

    1. Click on Setup and from the drop-down select Team.
    2. Click on Add a new team member button.
    3. Fill in the form with the details about the team member like Name, Email address, etc. and define roles and permissions for this new user, assign locations to him and fill the other relevant user details too.
    4. Once done, click on Save.
    5. The team member will receive a welcome email with login details.


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