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    Adding Task

    For following up with the customers and providing them with better experiences you can add tasks for yourself or your team members with the response to initiate action.

    For example, if a customer has given low ratings in his response, you can add a task for your team member against the same response to call the customer up and ask him what really made him rate you badly. You can assign this task to any team member or yourself and also mark a due date for this task.

    To add a task to a survey response, follow these steps:

    1. Select Responses from the top menu on the dashboard.
    2. Click on the Action button next to the response for which you’d like to add a Task.
    3. From the Action drop-down, select Add Task.
    4. An Add Task pop-up will appear on the screen.


    5. In the Add Task pop up, enter the details of the task like Task Name, Assigned to and Due Date.
    6. Once done, click on Add task and your task will be added.

      Adding task 2

    7. All related team member (who have added the task or who have been assigned the task) will receive an email update when the task is added and before the due date.

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