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Add/Remove webhook

Add/Remove webhook

Webhook is a way for an app to provide real-time information of other applications when connected. When set, they instantly update the connected app when a change occurs based on the action the webhook is set for.

Zonka’s Webhooks enable you to get updated as soon as there is a new response entered in any of your surveys. To add a Webhook do the following:

  1. Go to Company Settings > Webhooks
  2. Click on Add Webhook button to access the Add Webhook form


  3. On the Add Webhook form enter the required detailsForm.png
  4. Enter the following details

    Name – Name of your webhook

    Event – Select the event  as response.added to trigger the webhook

    Target URL– URL of the 3rd party app that you wish to trigger

    Survey – Select the survey you wish to add webhook for

    Additional Parameters – Any additional parameters you want to include in the trigger

  5. Click on Create to add the webhook

  6. Once created the webhook will be listed in the webhook table

  7. To delete a webhook click on the Delete icon against the specific webhook in the table

View Webhook Logs

You can view a log of all the webhook events and their status by accessing the webhook log table which is available below the Add Webhook button.Log.png

A log is maintained for each trigger event for all the webhooks and you can view the following details

  • Name – Name of webhook
  • Target URL- URL of the 3rd party app which will be triggered
  • Survey – Survey linked to the webhook
  • Event – Event that triggers the webhook
  • Date – Date and time when the webhook was triggered
  • HTTP Response – Response received from Target URL
  • Status- Success if webhook is successful, Failed in case it is not successful

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