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    Customizing Look and Feel of your survey

    Look and feel settings allows you to manage every virtual aspect of your survey form. Visual changes that you make to your feedback form can immediately be viewed on the preview screen of the survey builder. The look and feel allow custom branding for our valued users.

    To manage the Look and Feel for your survey form follow these steps:

    1. Click on Setup from the top menu on the Web Panel.
    2. Now, click on Surveys.
    3. Select the survey for which you want to customize the Look and Feel.
    4. Click on the Edit Survey Theme setting.png from top right corner on the Survey builder.
    5. You can start with your Look and Feel customizations now.


    Customizations Impact


    • Question
    • Buttons
    • Navigations
    Edit color for the Question Heading as well as Option Text. The Option Text color is the color in which the options for a question appear.


    Edit color for Done button, Done button text, Unselect button, Unselect button text, Select button and select button text.

    Note: Done button is placed on the top of the survey form between the last survey question screen and Thank-you screen.

    You can change the color for the navigation buttons and texts from this option. Navigation buttons are present on the top of the survey screen and allow respondent to move between the Next and Previous survey screen.

    Logo & Background

    • Add/update logo
    • Background
    • Header and footer background

    Add a logo to your survey by uploading an image for the logo to create fully white-labelled survey forms.

    Choose between the image background or plain color background of the survey. If you select the image option, a pop-up to upload the background image appears. If you select the color option, a color drop-down menu appears from where you can select the color for the background.

    You can choose between a Colored, Translucent or Transparent header and footer background.


    • Field Theme
    • Font Size
    • Font type

    Field theme determines the shade/color of the field elements like text fields, drop downs, radio buttons, checkboxes and more. From the theme drop-down, you can choose a dark or light theme as per your choice.

    You can choose between small and medium font sizes.

    Choose the font type for your survey from the drop-down list.

    Note: All the Look and Feel customizations will remain constant throughout the Survey form. For example, if you choose Font type as Lato so all the text in the survey will appear in that font type only.

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