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    Once you have downloaded and logged into your Zonka Tablet or Mobile App, dashboard is the default screen you’d see. Essentially it is the screen which a person/staff member sees when he logs into the application in order to capture a response from the respondent. It typically shows the list of surveys activated from the Zonka web account. It also exhibits some quick metrics related to those surveys and much more.

    You will find the following elements in the app dashboard:

    Search Box
    The search box is present on top of the app dashboard. You can search the survey by their names in the search box to find a specific survey amongst multiple surveys.


    • Survey title
      Survey title is name/title of the survey. This is the text that appears as the heading text on the introduction screen.
    • Sync status
      Sync status is mentioned just below the Survey title. It tells whether the survey responses data has been synced to the server or not.
    • Responses captured today
      The number of responses captured are flashed under the sync status. These are essentially the number of responses captured on the present day.
    • Responses to be synced
      You can view the number of responses which are not not yet synced to the server here.
    • Update Survey button
      This green colored button appears below a survey name when there are changes made in the surveys. Clicking this button updates the survey as per the latest changes made to it.
    • Start survey/kiosk mode button
      You can begin capturing the survey by clicking on this button. When you click on this button a pop-up appears with a Location drop-down asking to enter location you want to run this survey for. Also below the number of responses captured today, time of last response captured and Responses to be synced data is viewed for that specific location.
    • Check for Survey Updates
      This button allows to update all the surveys simultaneuously. Any changes made to surveys will automatically be updated by clicking this button.
    • Sync to server
      If the feedbacks are collected in offline mode the data requires syncing with the server in order to interpret the data further. Click Sync to server button in order to sync all the response data which was collected offline with the server.

    Settings Icon

    • User ID
      User Id is the unique ID that is assigned to a device user.
    • Sign Out Button
      You can sign out from the Zonka app by clicking on this Sign Out button from here.
    • Default Location
      You can select a default location for which you want to collect the responses on that device. You can choose the default location from the location drop-down menu.
    • Lock App
      This option allows the locking of the application with a password. You can set this option when the device is being used for any other work rather than collecting feedback. Thus, it prevents the device misuse.
    • Dim Screen
      This option activates the dim screen feature in which if the screen is left idle for more than 2 minutes(default) it gets dim. This option can be used to save the device battery.
    • Default Phone no. Country Code
      You can set the default Phone no. country code according to the device location. This default code will appear automatically as a prefix to the respondent’s phone number.
    • Preview Survey
      Turning on this option allows viewing of the survey on the application before actually starting with capturing. No responses will be saved if the preview option is on.

    Note: Remember to switch Preview off once you are done testing and are ready to capture responses.

    • Auto Sync
      Switch the auto sync button on if you would like the responses to be synced automatically whenever there is an internet connection availabe. If not, the data can also be synced manually by clicking ‘Sync to server’ option present below on the left hand corner of the application dashboard.
    • App Version
      View the version of the Zonka app from here.
    • Device ID
      View the Device Id i.e the unique Id associated with your device here.

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