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    Device Tracking

    Various tablets and mobile devices would be deployed in your business locations to capture responses. With Zonka you can track all these devices remotely. You can access all the device details from within the Web Panel itself. To track devices follow these steps:

    1. Select the Setup drop-down from the top menu on the dashboard.
    2. Now select Devices. All the devices deployed over your business location will appear here in a list view.

    You can track your device with following device details:

    • Device Information
      Device name and type of device (mobile/ tablet) will be flashed here along with the current app version.
    • App Status
      This shows whether the user is currently inside the app or has moved out or logged out of it. The app status is then shown accordingly as online/offline. And if the user is on the dashboard of the app then the app status shows Dashboard.
    • Battery
      This shows the current battery status of the device.
    • Last Communication
      This shows the time of last communication/contact of the user with the device.
    • Uptime
      This shows the time for which the device was operational for capturing responses.
    • Response Collected
      This shows the number of responses collected on that device.
    • Location
      This shows the location in which the device is deployed.
    • Tags
      It shows all the tag that you have defined for the device.

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