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Add-on-Location Subscription

You can purchase additional locations except for the ones which come with your subscription. You can purchase additional locations while purchasing a subscription or as separate add-on subscription on top of existing subscription.

The subscription of the addon location will be based on the type of base plan you have subscribed to.( Example: If you are on a Professional Yearly plan, the add-on locations will also be billed yearly.)

NOTE: Every add-on location comes with a Web user and a Device license

You can modify the number of add-on location from your Plan page by clicking “+Add Locations” on the Locations section. (In case you have already purchased add-on locations it will show as “Modify Locations”)


  • It will open a popup which will enable you to enter the number of add-on locations you want to purchase and click Confirm


  • For downgrading your add-ons you need to navigate Modify Locations and reduce the number of add-on locations in the popup and click Confirm.
  • In case you need to downgrade your add-on locations you will need to ensure the following:
    • Removing one add-on location will also remove one Device and one Web user license
    • Ensure that you have required number of Locations, Devices, and Web-users disabled when you request to downgrade

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