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    Getting Started with SMS Surveys

    Taking customer feedback is essential for your business as it helps you check on what your customers think about you and your services. It also helps you measure customer satisfaction and areas of improvements. Sending SMS surveys is an easy, instant and effective way to ask for feedback from your customers.

    This guide will help you get started quickly, for sending SMS surveys with Zonka.

    With Zonka’s SMS capabilities, you can do following:

    • Send SMS surveys to your customers globally
    • Choice of using Twilio and Plivo SMS services which are hugely popular and reliable
    • Import Contacts using CSV, add Manually or Send to existing contacts in Zonka
    • Add additional attributes and custom data to contacts such as account number, flight details, membership number, virtually anything!
    • Track respondents, see detailed logs or just monthly summaries

    SMS sending Restrictions in Free Trial

    On a Free Trial exploring Zonka? No worries, you can use all of the features available while sending SMS Surveys and try them out for yourself. First 25 SMS you send are on us!

    You can use all other features including Importing via CSV, passing additional attributes and also view logs and summaries in a Free Trial account.

    In case you need to send more SMS before calling it a day, just set up your Twilio or Plivo account in Zonka and continue sending.

    Sending SMS Surveys to your customers

    Sending SMS to your customers on Zonka is super easy! It’s a good practice to have your contacts ready beforehand and ensure you have the correct phone numbers and they are formatted correctly before you start sending SMS to them.

    Compose your content

    In Zonka you can customize the message you want to send to your customer. Standard SMS message length is of 160 characters and we recommend sticking to that. This also includes the Survey URL. Please be aware that you will not be able to send SMS without the URL tag which gets replaced with the Survey URL while sending.

    Formatting your Phone numbers

    Format the phone numbers with country code without the plus “+” and no spaces.

    A US phone number +1-541-754-3011 should be formatted to 15417543011

    Adding your recipients

    Zonka makes it super easy to add recipients to your SMS campaign. We quickly go over these methods:

    • Add Manually
      To add manually start writing the customer’s name followed by the phone number separated by a comma. Each recipient should be on a new line. Following is an example:

      Peter Davis, 144XXXXXX
      Robert Dan, 145XXXXXX
      Max Miller,146XXXXXX

    • Import CSV
      You can also add recipients using the good old CSV format in Zonka. Just click on Import CSV button and drag and drop or upload the CSV file.

      While doing so, you can even add the imported recipients to a List by giving it a list name.

    Tip: You can add the contacts to multiple lists while importing them

    • Import CSV with Additional Data
      It’s quite useful if you can link your customer’s response to a data about the service he/she was offered by your business. Zonka makes it quite simple to do so. To pass any additional service related data such as Membership id, Service Tag id, Flight number, just configure these field in your survey and upload the data related to it, using this import feature.

      Just click on the Import CSV with Additional data button and download the CSV format with additional data fields. Add these details, upload again and you are done.Yes, you can also add these contacts to Lists as well after importing.

      You can now see the data which you just passed in the responses your customers give.

    • Add from Respondent List
      To your make life easy we have a nifty feature called Lists which is a name you assign to a bunch of contacts that denote a certain category or purpose. That way you need not bother to upload CSV files now and again. You can import contacts directly from these list by specifying what all lists you want to add contacts from.

      Just click on Select from List and select all lists you want to use and hit Add. You can even add all of your contacts by selecting Select All Contacts.

    Previewing and Sending your SMS

    It’s always a good idea to check once if the message you composed looks and sounds nice to your recipients when they receive it. Try out sending the SMS to yourself using the Send Test SMS link and see if the content is right and you are receiving the message the way it’s meant to be.

    Once you are satisfied continue further by clicking Preview where you can double check if the things are in order and check out the list of recipients and the content once again. To finally send click Send and wait for the responses to hit your Response Inbox

    Tracking your SMS deliveries and Logs

    Wondering if your contacts have opened the surveys links you sent them? In Zonka you can view a complete log of all the SMS you have sent. Each SMS is sent with a unique Survey URL that includes a tracking code enabling us to track various activities corresponding to that specific contact.

    Just click on SMS under the Stats column on the Survey Listing page to view the Detailed log reports. For each SMS sent, it shows a timestamp for each of these activities:

    1. Mobile number: Mobile number to which survey has been sent
    2. Sent Date and Time: Time and date when the SMS was sent
    3. Survey Opened: Time and date when the survey was opened
    4. Responded: Time and date when the respondent has submitted the survey response

    Want more stats to put out in your business reports on how effective your campaigns have been? Check out the Summary tab which will give you the following numbers:

    1. Month: Month and year of sending the SMS
    2. Sent: Number of SMS sent during this month
    3. Survey Opened: Number of times the survey was opened out of SMS sent
    4. Open Rate: Open rate percentage
    5. Responded: Number of times the survey was responded out of SMS sent
    6. Response Rate: Response rate percentage

    SMS and Credit Usage

    Each Zonka Feedback plan comes with a defined number of credits allocated per month, which are used when you send SMS surveys, Email Surveys and collect web responses.

    For each SMS sent with a Survey URL 1 credit will be deducted from your allocated credits. This would also apply to any Test SMS you send.

    In case you run out of credits you will not be able to send further SMS. Don’t worry, the credits will be automatically refilled again next month. If you looking to send SMS in very large numbers consider subscribing to our Enterprise Plus plan. Want even more? Contact us for custom plans.

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