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    Getting started with your first feedback form

    Surveys and Feedback Forms are created on the Web panel. Once you design a survey, it will work both on the web using a URL as well as on Tablet Feedback Apps – Android Feedback App and iPad Feedback App – by downloading them on Android tablets, Android smartphones, iPads and iPhones. The web surveys are responsive and will work well on mobile phones, tablets, and all desktop resolutions. You can also send email surveys and SMS surveys from the Zonka Web Admin.

    It is possible to create click through surveys, multi-lingual surveys, rating based surveys and various other types of survey forms using Zonka Survey Builder. The WYSIWYG interface gives you complete control of display settings for tablets/mobiles surveys as well as web surveys.

    In order to create your first survey, follow these steps:

    1. Click on Setup drop-down menu on the dashboard.
    2. Then click on Surveys.
    3. Now click on Add New Survey button.

    Using Survey Templates or Designing your Survey from Scratch

    You have an option to choose between pre-made expert survey templates and creating your survey forms from scratch. Both templates based and surveys from scratch have the same abilities and everything is customizable.

    • Using Survey Template
      In order to kick start with your own surveys or feedback forms, you can take help from a list of pre-made experts survey templates. And later you can make edits in the templates as per your requirements.
    • Designing Survey from scratch
      You can also start building your survey from ground zero. Designing a survey with scratch gives you a blank canvas to build and fully customize your own survey.

    Visit Creating and managing surveys for more details.

    Editing your Survey Title

    Add the title for your survey from here. This Survey name will appear all over your Web panel and also when you run this survey on the apps. To add a title to your survey click on the top left corner on the survey builder and add the name.

    Adding/Customizing Introduction Screen to your Survey

    The Introduction Screen is displayed to the respondent before he begins the survey. You can choose whether you would like an Introduction screen to appear in your survey from the Screens option in your Survey settings. The customization window for the Intro screen will appear on the left-hand side of the survey builder. Further, the elements in the intro screen can also be customized by clicking on that particular element on the preview screen. The customization window will appear on the right-hand side.The following things that can be customized in introduction screen are:

    • Logo for your Survey
      Add a logo for your brand or company, based on your survey. Define your company’s identity through this logo. Fully white-label your survey form by adding your company’s logo on the intro screen.
    • Background for your Survey
      Choose whether you would like to have a color as the intro screen’s background or an image. This could be something relevant to your company or brand’s theme or depicting relevance to the survey.If you select ‘color’ then you can choose a color from the color picker and if you choose the option of ‘image’ then you can upload a relevant image as the background for the intro screen.
    • Introduction Text in your Survey Introduction Screen
      You can add Introductory/Welcome text to guide respondents to the survey. Or add a welcome note to greet your respondents. 
    • Start Survey button 
      This button appears in the middle of the introduction screen. Start Survey button enables respondents to enter the survey.
    • Optional Text in your Survey Introduction Screen
      You can add an optional text at the bottom of the Start Survey Button to tell respondents more about the survey. You can enter any additional information of guideline here that you want your customers to know before starting the survey.

    Visit here for more details on adding/customizing the Introduction Screen.

    Adding/Customizing Survey Questions

    You can add various questions in your survey. You can simply add questions present on the left-hand side of the survey builder. All you have to do is just click on the particular question and your question will get added in the survey. Simultaneously you can view that on the WYSIWYG preview on the survey builder to see how will it look on actual survey screen. The question types can also be customized by clicking on the edit icon of that particular question on the preview screen. The question customization window will appear on the right-hand side of the survey builder.

    The questions are divided into 3 broad types which are as follows:

    • General Questions in your Survey
      Under general questions a list of all the general question types that are the basic unit to add different types of questions is present. Some of the general questions are Heading, Single Line Text, Dropdown, TextBox, Checkbox, etc.
    • Rating Scale questions in your Survey
      The Rating Scale/Ranking question asks respondents to compare items to each other by placing them in order of preference. Some of the Rating Scale questions are Matrix question, 2/3/4/5 scale question, MCQ button rating, etc.

    Visit here to learn more about Rating Scale questions.

    • Respondent Questions in your Survey
      Respondent questions are asked in order to capture the respondent data. Some default fields are available, but you can customize the field labels to collect different kinds of information you need. Some of the Respondent Questions are Full Name, First Name, Last Name, Email, etc.

    Visit here to learn more about Respondent questions.

    Customizing Look and Feel of your Survey

    Look and feel allows you to manage every virtual aspect of your survey form. Visual changes that you make to your form can immediately be viewed on the preview screen of the survey builder. The look and feel allow custom branding for our valued users.

    The Look and Feel can be customized on the following three basic aspects:

    • Managing Colors in your Survey
      You can customize the color for every element on your survey form. You can customize the color for your Question Heading, Option Text, Done button, Done button text, Unselect button, Unselect button text, Select button, select button text, navigation buttons and navigation texts. All you have to do is just click on the color picker and choose your desired color.
    • Adding Logo and Background in your Survey
      Add a logo to your survey by uploading an image for the logo to create fully white-labelled survey forms. Choose between the image background or plain color background of the survey. If you select the image option, a pop-up will appear to upload the background image and colored background can be chosen by selecting from the color picker.
    • Choosing Fonts for your Survey
      You can customize the Font Field Theme, Font Size, Font type from here.

    Visit here for more details on Look and Feel.

    Note: All the Look and Feel customizations will remain constant throughout the Survey form. For example, if you choose Font type as Lato so all the text in the survey will appear in that font type only.

    Survey Settings

    You can update your Survey’s Data Capture mode, exit options, tagging options and many other numerous options from its settings. Using Settings, you will be able to control access to the survey forms and set certain default settings and make the forms work most efficiently for your respondents.

    To manage the settings for your survey builder follow these steps click on the Settings icon from top right corner of the Survey Builder. A pop-up will get opened from where you can manage the settings for your survey.

    Following Settings can be managed for a survey:

    General Settings for the Survey
    You can select whether you would like to enable/disable the Click Through Survey option for your survey. In Click Through Surveys, the Survey will automatically go the next screen when the user selects any option.

    Visit General Settings for more details.

    Device Settings for the Survey
    You can manage all the Device related settings from here. Chose between Kiosk/Assisted Mode as the Data Capture Mode. You can also choose the survey Orientation from Portrait and Landscape on the device. (Tablet and Mobile App Only). Enter your Survey Inactivity Timeout i.e the time after which you would like to display an alert to restart or abandon the survey in case the survey is left idle for some time. Select Full-Width Survey layout  (full-screen coverage) or Fixed Width layout (survey within a fixed box) as the Web Survey Layout.

    Visit Device Settings for more details.

    Managing Screens in your Survey
    Manage all the screen related settings for your survey from here. Choose if would like to add a pre-survey screen i.e Introduction Screen and a post-survey screen i.e. Exit Screen after completion of the survey. Also, enter a Survey Restart Time (in seconds) which is the time to restart the survey after the last survey screen/thank you screen of the previous survey. Set how you’d like the respondent or team member to exit the survey under Exit Survey Options. There are two options available for the same which are Exit Button and the W Gesture.

    Visit Screen Settings for more details.

    Managing Rating and Customer Satisfaction Score for your Survey
    Manage the settings related to all the Ratings and Weights in your survey.  Define Maximum and Minimum rates for all Rating questions under Survey Rating Settings. Positive, Neutral and Negative Rating Setting can be set by simple Dragging of the sliders to change maximum, minimum and neutral weight range for rating questions. This is used as Tags in Survey Response Manager and for settings condition based alerts.

    Visit Rating Settings for more details.

    Adding and Managing Survey Language
    You can create multi-lingual surveys in Zonka. Multi-lingual surveys help you to immensely increase your sample size by tapping customers speaking varied languages. Set whether Language select option is to be shown in full screen or a button on the header or both under Change Language Option view. Under Change language button display on option, you can also set where do you want to show the Language selection button in the survey. Further, you can choose your survey languages by selecting/de-selecting language options in Add/remove languages option.

    Visit here for more details.

    Adding and Managing Survey Screens

    Your survey can have either single or multiple screens or pages. The screens for the survey can be managed under these four customizations:

    • Adding a new screen
      You can add as many screens you want to your survey form.

    Tip: Add an accurate amount of screens for your survey as lengthy surveys may lead to high dropout rates by the respondents.

    • Viewing Screens
      You can view all the screens in your survey by clicking the Screens drop-down menu. You can also view screens simply by clicking on the previous and next gray pointers alongside the device preview.
    • Shifting Screens
      You can switch the position of the screens in the survey builder. Only the positions of the intro and exit/thank you screen cannot be shifted obviously.
    • Removing a Screen
      You can remove any screen from the survey, except at least one screen should remain. Once a screen is removed, it cannot be retrieved back or the deletion of the screen cannot be undone.

    Visit here for more details on screen and page management.

    Assigning/Un-assigning Locations

    Various surveys can be assigned to be run in different locations. Also, locations can be assigned a various number of surveys. Assigning to specific locations helps filter responses based on locations in the Web Panel. When you log in the tablet, you’d be asked to select a location and a survey based on it, if you have multiple locations.

    Visit here for details on assigning and un-assigning locations.

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