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    Location Comparison

    In order to analyze the performance of various business locations/branches, Zonka provides a Location Comparison feature. With this feature, you can compare the reports for different locations and measure their performance. Also, such comparative reports help you to understand key metrics specific to each of your location. With the help of location comparative reports, you can deliver consistently across all your locations.

    Within location comparison time comparison is also possible. You can compare your different business locations during different time periods. You just have to choose the dates from the calendar integrated inside the reports section. You can choose between dates for which you want to compare your locations.

    Note: All the comparative reports will be produced for locations running the same surveys.

    To compare reports by locations follow these steps:

    1. Click on the Reports drop-down from the top menu on the dashboard.
    2. Choose the type of report you want to compare from the drop-down.
    3. Click on the location icon and from the drop-down choose the location you want to compare.
    4. Click Apply to view the comparative reports.

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