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    Mobile number format in SMS Surveys

    It’s essential that you format your contact mobile numbers to a specific format in order to send SMS surveys to them with Zonka and get it successfully delivered. So what format it should be? You need to format the mobile numbers to an internationally recognized format which is explained as an example below:

    Let’s suppose, you have contacts from Australia and the US. The required format will not include “+” and spaces or brackets. See few samples below:

    * An US number +1 (415) 418 XXXX should be formatted to 1415418XXXX

    * An Australian number +61 416 083 XXX should be formatted to 61416083XXX

    This formatting is required for manual input or uploading a CSV file while sending SMS surveys.

    TIP: While doing so you can also scan for landline numbers as most landline number may not support receiving SMS.

    Properly formatting your mobile numbers would bear the following benefits:

    • Boost SMS deliveries to your contacts
    • Maintain a clean and formatted contact list in Respondent table which you can reuse again through Lists
    • Save on the cost of failed or attempted deliveries to wrongly formatted mobile numbers which do not get delivered but are charged to your SMS Gateway account.

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