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    Notifications and Alerts Settings

    With Zonka, you can get real-time notifications and alerts as soon as you get responses, without any lags or delays. This enables you to take immediate actions to deliver better customer experience.

    Company Preferences for Alerts

    As an account admin, you can set Company Preferences for the alerts received by all team members in the company. You can choose if the team members should get a detailed alerts email in their inbox or a short alert email in their inbox when they receive a new response or a low rating response.

    To manage this setting, do the following steps:

    1. Select Company Settings from the Settings setting.png.
    2. Select Alerts and Notifications tab.
    3. Under Alerts section you can set.Type of New Survey Response Alert and Type of Low Survey Response Alert as Detailed or Short.


    Types of Email Notifications

    You can set up the following email notifications with Zonka:

    1. New Response Notification – Receive an email as soon as you get a new response. 
    2. Low Rating Response Notification – Receive an email as soon as you get a response with low rating / negative rating. (Click here to read about settings for Negative / Low Rating Scores)

    Manage Notifications for a Survey

    To enable notifications for a particular survey, follow these steps:

    1. Go to Setup > Surveys


    2. Select and open the survey for which you’d like to manage alerts and notifications.


    3. Once inside the Survey Builder, click on the settings onsetting.png the top right-hand corner of the screen.


    4. A setting pop-up will open, select Notifications tab in this pop-up.


    5. Set your preferences for
      • New Response Notification
      • Low Rating Response Notification


    Manage Alerts & Notifications for your account

    You can manage feedback summaries, digests, and notifications from here.The feedback data captured is summarized into a digest, which can be emailed to you. All the digests are location and survey wise. You can select between the options of short or detailed digests and also how frequently you want to receive such digests. Also, you can set up SMS alerts for specific responses.

    To manage notifications for your account, follow these steps:

    1. Select My Settings from the Settings drop-down.


    2. Go to Alerts and Notifications tab


    3. There will 3 sections for settings which are as follows:

      • Email Alerts: Enable/Disable Email alerts  for new and low rating responses
      • SMS Alerts: Enable/Disable SMS alerts for new and low rating responses
      • Task Notifications: Enable/Disable Email notifications based on task activities
      • Click on Update Alerts to save the settings.


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