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    Pre-Capturing Information

    In any Interactive/Assisted Mode Survey, the surveyor gets an option to add a Pre-Capture Screen. This screen appears before the Introduction Screen (if any) or before the first screen of the survey wherein, the team member is to enter information related to the survey.

    The Pre-capture screen can have multiple questions and can be designed similar to any other survey screen and is solely for the use of Team Member. Only Rating questions cannot be added in this screen. Any information saved in this screen is saved and can also be viewed with the survey responses.

    Pre-Capturing Information in the Survey

    Follow these steps to add the pre-capture screen in the survey and get information:

    1. Click on the Settings setting.png on the survey builder.
    2. A pop-up will flash on the screen, from the options select Device.
    3. Now select the Assisted mode from the data capture mode.
    4. A Pre-Capture screen option with a slider on (Default) will appear. You can toggle to switch off if you like.
    5. The pre-capture screen will get added in your survey. The question of team member name would be pre-added as a default. Choose from a list of different questions that you want to add on the pre- capture screen

      Features of Pre-Capture Screen are as follows:

    • Team Member Name: This is the default and mandatory field of the Team Member Screen. Herein, the team member can start typing his / her name and select the name from the auto suggest drop- down.
    • Other Elements: You can add other questions to the team member screen to capture more information from the team about the respondent.


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