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    Preparing your excel sheet for SMS Surveys

    So, you just concluded a product demo of a new product that is a breakthrough in cyberspace. and now your organization plans to survey the attendees to seek their feedback on how they think of it. You had had attendees coming from all parts of the world and now have a large database of contact numbers that you need to collate together and send SMS surveys to.

    As a next step, you proceed to create a CSV file. Yes, we know it can be quite tricky to create a CSV with mobile numbers. And with MS Excel it can be quite a pain. Worry Not! Let us make this simple for you.

    Before moving ahead, please make sure you have formatted the mobile numbers to a required format supported by Zonka.

    1. Open the Excel file with mobile number in MS Excel
    2. Keep the column names in this order | FirstName | LastName | Email | Mobile
    3. The Mobile column will have all the mobile numbers
    4. Right-click on the column and select Format
    5. On the Format option select Category as Number and move decimal to 0 places and click OK
    6. Now give it a name, save it as CSV and you are done!

    Tip: While you format this CSV file you may want to add all details such as email and names of the contacts. When you are done saving this file this would also work with Email Campaigns where you can use it add email recipients.

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