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    Quick Start-up Guide

    By now you would have learned what Zonka does. To get you acquainted with how all that is done we will briefly explain you some basic steps in this article that will help you get started with Zonka.

    Creating your first survey

    Surveys are built on the web panel. Once you design a survey, it will work both on the web using a URL as well as on Tablet/Mobile Apps by downloading them on Android/iOS devices. The web surveys are responsive and will work well on mobile phones, tablets, and different desktop resolutions.

    It is possible to create click-through surveys, multi-lingual surveys, rating based surveys and various other types of survey forms using Zonka Survey Builder. The WYSIWYG interface gives you complete control of display settings for tablets/mobiles surveys as well as web surveys.

    In order to create your first survey, follow these steps:

    1. Click on Setup drop-down menu on the dashboard.
    2. Then click on Surveys.
    3. Now click on Add New Survey button.

    You have an option to choose between templates and creating from scratch. Both template-based form and survey from scratch have the same abilities and everything is customizable.

    • Using Template
      In order to kick start with your own survey forms, you can take help from a list of pre-made templates. And later you can make edits in the templates as per your requirements.
    • Designing Survey from scratch
      You can also start building your survey from ground zero. Designing a survey with scratch gives you a blank canvas to build and fully customize your own survey.

    Visit Creating and managing surveys for more details.

    Taking Feedback

    • Android Tablets and Smartphones
      Use Android tablets and smartphones to capture customer feedbacks on premises. You can either hand over the Android tablet/ phone to the customer for assisted feedbacks or set it up as kiosks for the non-assisted mode. To start capturing feedbacks on Android devices download the app  playstore.png
    • iPads and iPhones
      Zonka works on both iPads and iPhones. To start capturing feedbacks on iOS devices download the app  apple.png
    • Responsive Web Surveys
      Capture feedbacks through responsive web surveys. Our web surveys work on all popular browsers on desktop, mobile phones, and tablets of different resolutions. The surveys can be distributed via Email, SMS, QR code and Social Media. Visit Surveys from Setup drop-down on the dashboard and access these distribution methods on the Survey listing cell.
    • Email Surveys
      Web surveys can be emailed to your desired list of contacts from within your Zonka web panel. You can compose your email, embed the survey URL and email it your contacts. Send bulk emails, view email logs and more.
    • SMS Surveys
      Send web survey links over SMS to your desired list of contacts from within your Zonka web panel. Compose your SMS content, embed the web URL and send it your contacts. View SMS logs, track individual survey submissions by respondents and more.

    Viewing Responses

    • Filters
      Response Inbox contains some pre-defined filters such as Comments, To do, Urgent, Flagged and Notes. For example, Comment filter will specifically view responses with comments marked against them. Similarly, the Urgent or Flagged filter will view the responses which were previously marked as urgent and flagged by the user.
    • Tags
      A set of certain pre-defined tags is provided in the Response Inbox in order to filter out the nature of the responses. Positive, Negative, Promoters, Detractors are some of the tags defined in the Response Inbox amongst others. Moreover, new tags can also be created and added by the user in the Response Inbox.

    Note: When you combine multiple tags or filters, only responses that meet all selected criteria are shown.

    • Actions
      Zonka enables taking suitable actions against the captured responses from within the Response Inbox itself. For taking actions on the responses visit Surveys from Setup drop-down on the dashboard. Then click on theAction drop-down menu for the desired survey. Add Task, Email Respondent, Add Note and Print are amongst many actions that can be taken from the Response Inbox.

    Visit Understanding Response Inbox for more details.

    Reports and Analytics

    You can view reports by clicking on ‘Reports’ drop-down menu on the dashboard. Zonka gives you deep insights of your customers’ feedback data that build the base of actions to be taken. The reports are fully customizable and tell you what you need to know. View, download, and act upon insightful reports. Most of the reports can be compared with previous period and/or between different locations.

    Following reports are generated on the Zonka dashboard:

    • Overview Report
      In this report, overview and trends of the selected surveys are presented. This report shows the number of responses collected, repeat respondents, NPS/CES ratings, and respondent satisfaction trends (these reports will only appear if you have added the rating questions and turned on the mechanism for tracking repeat respondents in your survey). 
    • Response Analysis
      In this report, the responses given by the customers are analyzed and a graphical representation of data is presented. Each and every question is analyzed. The reports can be displayed as either graphs, trends or tables. You can view reports per location wise, together or even compare reports for different locations. 
    • Survey Analysis
      Survey analysis reports contain an analysis of Survey related details. Details such as the Submitted vs Not Submitted surveys, date and time of survey submissions, time taken to complete the survey, Question response rate and survey completeness percentage are analyzed in Survey analysis.
    • Respondent Analysis
      This report analyzes the respondent demographics and other respondent details entered by the respondent. Questions such as respondent’s age, gender, day of visit, new vs repeat respondent, interested vs. not interested respondents are analyzed here.
    • Team Analysis
      Questions relating to the team details such as the name of the team member capturing the response, number of responses captured by him, average rating obtained by him, etc. are analyzed. 

    Tip: You can download all reports with just a single click! To download just click on the PDF or CSV icon present on the right-hand top corner of the reports analysis window.

    Visit Reporting for more details.

    Managing Users, Locations, and Devices

    Users are the team members that can access the web platform. By default, the user who has signed up for Zonka is the account admin and first team member. You can add, tag or delete a user. Also, tasks can be assigned to different responses with a due date. This enables proper follow-up and taking corrective actions as per the feedback provided.

    Visit here for more details on Users.

    Locations are essentially the business locations in which Zonka is deployed. To manage locations click Setup on the dashboard and from the drop-down menu choose Locations. Filtering options as per location setup and groups are provided in the system. More information about the locations such as location group, active survey for the location, number of feedbacks received in the location etc. are also displayed here.

    Visit here for more details on Locations.

    Devices are essentially the feedback capturing devices that are deployed in your business locations. In order to manage or overlook a particular device, you can visit its profile in the web account. A device profile reflects information such as device battery, the location it is deployed in, device uptime, response collected on the device, etc. Devices can be tracked and managed remotely from the web account itself.

    Visit here for more details on Devices.

    Updating Company Settings

    1. Click on the Settings drop-down menu.
    2. Then select Company Settings.

    Company settings enable you to manage your company Account Details such as Company Address, Time Zone, Country, and Currency. Company Logo can also be updated by simple drag and drop or by uploading. Also, set an Outgoing Email Address i.e the email address that will be displayed to respondents when emails are sent to them through Zonka Feedback. Further Alerts and Notifications settings can be managed from here. Get real-time notifications and alerts as soon as you get responses, without any lags or delays and take immediate actions.

    Your API token and API documentation along with Webhook management is available within the Company Settings.

    Note: While changing the outgoing email address, an email will be sent to the updated email id just click on the link to verify the new email address.

    Visit Updating Company Settings for more details.

    Setting up Digest

    The feedback data captured is summarized into a digest, which can be emailed to you. All the digests are survey wise and the user can choose whether the data for all locations should be clubbed or provided separately. You can select between the options of short or detailed digests and also how frequently you want to receive such digests.

    Follow these steps to manage your digest settings:

    1. Select Company Settings from the settings on the dashboard.
    2. Select Alerts & Notifications, now you can manage Email Digests and Summary from here.

    Don’t forget to click on Update Alerts in order to save the settings for Email Digests and Summary.

    Visit Digest and email summaries for more details.

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