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    Respondent Profile

    Zonka creates a respondent’s profile as soon as a customer registers a response. This respondent profile carries all the respondent details that the respondent has filled in the survey and also all the survey related information such as the time of response, name of the survey, etc.

    To view the respondent’s profile follow these steps:

    1. Click on the Respondents from the top menu.
    2. A list of all the respondents will get opened. Click on the name of the respondent whose profile you would like to view. Or simply type the name of the respondent in the search box.

    Respondent profile 1

    A respondent’s profile essentially contains the following information:

    • Respondent’s response
      The response given by the respondent can be viewed here. All the survey questions along with the respondent’s answer can be viewed under the respondent profile.

    respondent profile 2

    • Respondent’s details
      All the questions that were added in the survey to capture the respondent’s details are viewed in the respondent’s profile. Questions can be chosen from a list of respondent’s questions pre-provided in the survey builder or you can add your own questions too.

    respondent pro 3

    • Respondent ID
      This is the ID that is unique for every respondent. You can search for a respondent in the response inbox with this ID also.

    respondent pro 4

    • Date & Time
      This shows the date and time when the response was captured on.

    Respondent pro 5

    • Duration
      This shows the duration the respondent took to complete the survey. This information can be used to analyze the survey i.e. if this duration is high for most of the respondents that means that your survey could be too long or complicated and could result in survey drop-outs also. So you can use this information to make edits in your survey.

    Respondent pro 6

    • Survey
      This shows the name of the survey respondent gave the response for.

    respondent pro 7

    • Captured by
      This shows the name of the staff member who captured the response.
    • Captured at
      This shows the location response was captured at.
    • Team member’s response
      Team member’s can also add a response against the respondent’s response if they want. You can see that response in here.
    • Tasks
      Tasks assigned to the particular response can be seen under this Task heading. Also tasks can be assigned by clicking on the Add Task button here.

    Respondent pro 12

    • Notes
      Team members can also add notes to the response. Any information that is crucial for that response can be added as notes against the response. For example if the staff member has called the respondent for following up and the respondent did not pick the call, he/she can add a note saying ‘respondent did not pick the phone’.

    Respondent pro 13

    • Email
      Zonka enables sending emails to the respondents. You can see the emails sent to the respondent in here. The Email ID that you entered in the Outgoing Email under Company Settings will be used to send these emails.

    Respondent pro 14

    • History
      Every step right from the capturing of the response till the completion of the task assigned appears in a summarized manner under this option. You can view the full feedback and the actions history under this option.

    Respondent pro 15

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