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Calendar View

For ease of viewing tasks assigned and enabling a proper follow-up procedure, Zonka provides a Calendar view in which the tasks assigned can simply be viewed in a calendar format. The assigned tasks appear under the date it was assigned on. You can choose between the ‘list view’ or ‘calendar view’ for viewing the assigned tasks data.

To access assigned task data in a calendar view follow these steps:

  1. Simply visit the tasks by clicking on Tasks present on the top menu on the dashboard.
  2. Then click on the calendar icon placed on the right top corner.

    calendar 1

  3. The assigned task data will be opened up in a calendar format.
  4. You can easily view the data as per the date assigned to the tasks

    alander 2

  5. For more information on tasks, you can hover over the date and view the task assigned and also the name of the staff member to whom the task is assigned.

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