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    Sending Email Surveys

    Zonka provides an inbuilt email campaign management system enabling you to compose the email survey directly to your contacts. You can track and view logs of each email sent. It shows delivery, bounces and whether the contact has submitted the feedback or not.

    Compose Your Email

    1. To send an email with the survey link to your customers do the following
    2. On the Survey listing page click on Email below the survey URL to open the Email flyout
    3. By default, a standard message is included which you can edit with your own by clicking on the Edit button
    4. You will be able to edit the Header of the email, the content and the Survey Button text as well
    5. Once you have done that, click Save
    6. You can use the Send Test email option to send a test email to yourself

    Adding Contacts

    1. You can add the contacts manually or by importing a CSV file.
    2. Once the contacts are added you can click the next button to preview the complete message before sending it.

    Importing Contacts with Pre-fill data

    Pre-filled data is a logic-based feature that enables you to pass additional data about a particular contact while sending him/her the survey. Here is how you can do it.

    1. Set-up custom variables for the survey fields for which you would be adding the pre-fill data
    2. On the email compose screen on Add recipient popup select Pre-fill button
    3. Download the CSV file with the pre-fill data field for that survey
    4. Add the contact details along with the prefill data in the CSV and upload
    5. Send your email with pre-fill data

    When your respondents open the survey through your email and submit their response the pre-filled data will be submitted along.

    Tracking Respondents

    You can track each respondent and check if they have responded or not. In order to view it, do the following.

    1. On the survey, you want to track, click on Emails under Stats column to view the Email logs flyout
    2. Here you will be able to see the following columns
      • Email – Email id to which survey has been sent
      • Sent Date and Time- Time and date when the email was sent
      • Email opened – Time and date when the email was opened
      • Survey opened – Time and date when the survey of opened
      • Responded- Time and date when the respondent has submitted the survey response
    3. You can disable tracking of respondents for each of the surveys by going to URL Settings and untick Enable Respondent tracking for SMS and Email

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