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    Sending SMS Surveys using Twilio

    Twilio is a popular SMS Gateway and is ideal for low to high volume messaging. Zonka supports Twilio out of the box and it works like a charm. So, if you are planning to use Twilio, its a matter of just 2 minutes before you get going.

    Here is how you can do it

    1. Log in to your account and navigate to Company Settings menu under Setup
    2. Go to SMS Connect tab
    3. Select your Gateway as Twilio from the Select Gateway drop-down
    4. Enter the API details, Phone number or Alphanumeric Id or Messaging Service Id.
    5. Hit Update and you are done

    Let’s go through the fields you need to enter, one by one:

    Account SID

    This is a Required Field. This is a 34 characters long alphanumeric code which you can find on your Twilio Dashboard

    Auth token

    This is a Required Field. This is 32 characters long alphanumeric code which you can find below the Account SID by clicking the eye icon on your Twilio Dashboard.

    Messaging Service

    This is 34 characters Id unique to the messaging service that you have created in Twilio. If you are entering this, please do not enter the phone number or alphanumeric sender id. Learn More here

    Phone Number

    Enter your preferred Twilio number that you would like to use to send the SMS Campaigns and SMS Alerts for low and new feedback. Enter your phone number with the county code without + or spaces. Example – 18013168107

    Alphanumeric Sender Id

    Enter your Alphanumeric Sender Id that you would like to use to send the SMS Campaigns and SMS Alerts for low and new feedback.

    Please note, you will need to enter at least a phone number or Alphanumeric Sender Id in order to successfully connect the Twilio SMS Gateway. If you are adding a valid Messaging Service Id, please do not enter phone number or alphanumeric sender Id

    In case you are adding alphanumeric id and the phone number, Zonka automatically handles deliverability. Priority is given to the Alphanumeric Id.

    Here are few tips to help you have a smooth experience sending SMS with Twilio:

    • Ensure you have the correct Twilio API credentials and privileges
    • Ensure that you have an active Twilio phone number capable of sending SMS globally
    • Ensure you have sufficient credit if you plan to send SMS globally in large numbers
    • If you plan to use Messaging Service, please make sure its setup correctly and active

    SMS Sending Globally

    • Alphanumeric Sender Ids are not supported in all countries, please check this guide in case you plan to use. Learn more here
    • Please note that the US and Canada only support phone numbers and not alphanumeric sender ids.
    • If you are sending in India you may need to contact Twilio and get an approval on the message content you wish to send, as by default the messages are treated as Promotional and may not be delivered to most phones.Learn more here
    • To know more about SMS sending help using Twilio click here

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