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    Settings Overview

    You can update your Survey’s Data Capture mode, exit options, tagging options and numerous other options from its settings. Using Settings, you will be able to control access to the survey forms and set certain default settings and make the forms work most efficiently for your respondents.

    To manage the settings for your survey builder follow these steps:

    1. Click on Setup from the top menu of the Web panel.
    2. Now, click on Surveys.
    3. Select the survey for which you want to manage the settings.
    4. Click on the Settings setting.png from top right corner of the Survey builder.
    5. A pop-up will get opened from where you can manage the settings for your survey.

    Following settings can be managed for a survey:


    From the General setting, you can select whether you would like to enable/disable the Click Through Survey option for your survey. In Click through Surveys, the Survey will automatically go the next screen when the user selects any option.

    Visit General Settings for more details.


    Surveys can be captured on various devices using Zonka. You can manage the settings for all the devices remotely just by accessing the Web Panel. Following device settings can be managed:

    • Data Capture Mode
      Survey data can be captured in two modes with Android and iOS devices which are Kiosk Mode and Assisted Mode. Choose Kiosk mode for non-assisted surveys and Assisted mode for hand-held surveys.
    • Orientation
      You can also choose the survey orientation from Portrait and Landscape on the device. (Tablet and Mobile App Only).
    • Survey Inactivity Time Out
      Choose if you’d like to display an alert in case the survey is idle for sometime and would like to restart the survey.
    • Web Survey Layout
      Select the web view and layout for your survey form. You can choose between Full Width Survey layout (full screen coverage) or Fixed Width layout (survey within a fixed box).

    Visit Device Settings for more details.


    You can create surveys with multiple screens/pages. Manage all the screen related settings for your survey from here. Following screen related settings are available:

    • Introduction Screen
      Choose if would like to add a pre-survey screen with Start button.
    • Exit Screen
      Select if you would like to show a post-survey screen after completion of the survey. You can add a thank you note in that screen if you want. 
    • Survey Restart Time
      Enter the Duration (in seconds) to restart the survey after the last survey screen/exit screen of the previous survey.
    • Exit Survey Options
      Set how you’d like the respondent or team member to exit the survey. There are two options available for the same which are Exit Button and the W Gesture. 

    Visit Screen Settings for more details.


    Manage the settings related to all the Question Ratings in your survey. Defining the rating scale and weights for the answer choices enables filtering data based on ratings given by the respondents in the Response Inbox. You can manage following rating settings:

    • Survey Rating Settings
      Define Maximum and Minimum rates for all Rating questions. This is further used in calculation of the Respondent Tracking.
    • Positive, Neutral and Negative Rating Setting
      Drag the sliders to change maximum, minimum and nuetral weight range for rating questions. This is used as Tags in Survey Response Manager and for setting condition based alerts.

    Visit Rating Settings for more details.


    Zonka enables assigning various tags to responses for easy filtering. From here you can manage following Tag related settings:

    • Auto-Tagging
      Choose if you would like to show various tags in the responses like Negative, Positive, etc. You can choose Auto tagging option for Rating Based Tags, Net Promoter Based Tags and Comments Based Tags .
      Also, you can generate your own tags. 

      Visit here for more details.

    • Track Respondent 
      You can also track repeat respondents for your business. Set which survey fields you want to use to track repeat respondents for this survey- Email Field, Mobile Field or Unique ID. You can also select all three.

      Visit here for more details.


    You can create multi-lingual survey forms in Zonka. From here you can manage the settings for language related options. Following settings can be customized:

    • Change Language Option view
      This option enables you to add a Language selection button at the beginning of the survey to facilitate the respondents to select their desired language for survey. Set Language select option to be shown in full screen or a button on the header or both.
    • Change language button display on
      Set where do you want to show the Language selection button; at Intro screen or survey screens or both.
    • Add/Remove Language
      Choose the survey language/languages that you want to enable for your survey. You can also add/remove multiple languages for your survey. 

    Visit here for more details.


    You can enable receiving and sending certain alerts and notifications related to your survey responses. Notification settings can be managed for the following situations:

    • New Response notification
      Set if you would like to be sent new response notification for this survey. Team can set email and SMS notifications from My Settings. These real-time notifications allow you to take quick actions when required.
    • Low Rating Response notification
      Set if you would like to be sent low rating response notifications for this survey. Receive a notification as soon as a respondent gives you a low rating. This enables you to keep a check on the management of your business on the ground level.
    • Post Survey SMS to Respondent
      Set if you would like to set an auto acknowledgement SMS to respondents post completion of survey.
    • Low Rating Post Survey SMS to Respondent
      Set if you would like to set an auto regret SMS to respondents post completion of survey when he/she submits a low rating.

    Visit here for more details.

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