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    SMS Restrictions in Free Trial Accounts

    Want to take Zonka for a test spin and check out our SMS Surveys?  Go ahead and sign up for a 15-day trial. We know you would love it! Though you can use almost all of the features available, it does comes with its share of some fair restrictions.

    First 25 SMS free

    Let’s get the good news out first. The first 25 SMS you send from your free trial account are on us! Want to send more before you make your mind? No worries, you have the choice of adding Twilio or Plivo as an SMS gateway after you exhaust your free SMS quota, and you can send more messages with your trial account.

    How do I know if I have used up my quota?

    All SMS you send to your customers including the Test SMS count in the 25 free SMS. Once you reach this limit you will see a notification to add an SMS service on the Send SMS interface to continue sending again.

    It’s quite simple to add an SMS gateway and you should be up and running in just a couple of minutes. Check out the following help pages to know more.

    Sending SMS Surveys using Plivo

    Sending SMS Surveys using Twilio

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