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    Subscribing to a Plan

    Once you have created an account with Zonka, you can subscribe to a plan anytime.

    Follow these steps to subscribe to a paid plan at Zonka:

    1. Click on Upgrade button on the top right of your account page, or alternatively click on Upgrade/Subscription from the account drop-down on the top right to open the Subscription Page


    2. On the subscription page, you will be able to view all available plans under the Plan tab.


    3. Once you choose your plan click on Subscribe.

    Our plans are quite flexible and suit a range of requirements for all sorts of customer requirements. Their plans are available under 3 channels

    • Tablets and Devices: Suitable for customers needing devices for personal and kiosk-based feedback
    • Online, Email & SMS: Suitable for customers needing to send Web surveys via emails and SMS
    • Multi-Channel: Suitable for customers needing a mix of both web and device based surveys

    For detailed pricing please check our Pricing Page.

    You will be prompted with a popup with the total cost of the plan. You can also purchase add-on location at this time and enter the desired number. The popup will then show the total cost that you will need to pay now. Click Confirm to proceed.


    Next, you will be prompted to add your personal details, Card details, Billing address and Phone number. Enter the requested details and Click Pay


    Post payment you will be redirected to the plans page where you will be able to view your current plan and plan details that would include:

    • Number of Locations allocated as per plan and number of used
    • Number of Web Users allocated as per plan and number of used
    • Number of Devices allocated as per plan and number of used
    • Number of Credits allocated as per plan and number of used

    Under the History tab, you can view your invoice for the subscription

    Under the Billing Information, you can find your Billing Address details and can edit it as well.


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