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Radio Question

This question type contains various options out of which the respondent can choose only one option. After you have added the Radio question in your survey form, hover over the question and click the Edit icon to edit the question.

Adding the Radio Question

Follow these steps to add this question type:

  1. Click on General Questions drop-down from the Questions window on the left side of the survey builder.
  2. Now select Radio Buttons Question, the question will immediately be added in the survey and appear in the WYSIWYG tablet preview on your screen.


Customizing the Question

After you have added the Radio question in your survey form, hover over the question and click the Edit icon to edit the question. A customization window will get opened on the right-hand side of the survey builder wherein you can move forward with the further question customizations.



The following customizations can be made:


Option Description
Heading Text Enter the Heading Text for your Radio question from here.
Variable ID Variable id is a unique id assigned to text question or drop-down fields. This is used to pass data which will be prefilled, via web URLs in web surveys.


Option Description
Mandatory Select whether you want to make the Radio question mandatory to answer for your customers or not from here

More Setting

Option Description
Scoring Choose if you want it to be a Scoring Question or not.
Image Display With Option Text You can also add images with your answer options along with the text from here. To add images turn the slider on and upload the desired images by clicking on the image placeholder on the tablet preview.

Display Settings

Option Description
Question Layout Select whether you want a single or double layout display for the question. In single layout, the question will be spread along the full width of the survey screen and in double layout, it will appear only in half the breadth of the survey screen. Use double layout if you want to add two questions alongside in the survey screen. 
Option Column You can select whether you want the radio buttons to appear in a single or double column.

How it Works

Add a Radio Question in your survey to ask your respondents to choose a single option from a short list. Radio Button questions are best for asking yes or no questions.

Tip: If you are adding a large number of answer options for your Radio Button question, consider displaying the answers in double columns or instead use Dropdown question.

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