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Difference between Kiosk and Interactive Surveys

There are two types of Data Capture Modes in Zonka. Survey data can be captured with Android and iOS devices in two modes which are Kiosk Mode and Assisted Mode. Choose Kiosk mode for non-assisted surveys and Assisted mode for hand-held surveys. Kiosk mode should be enabled where the sample size of the surveys is very large and spread over the premises whereas handheld or assisted mode should be enabled where the sample size is limited for example- in a restaurant, a tablet can be handed over for collecting feedbacks with the bill. 

Interactive surveys  

These survey types are ideal for organizations where staff/team assistance is suitable, i.e. where team members can hand over the tablet to the respondents to fill the survey or to give feedback. You can also add a pre-capture screen in assisted mode surveys which are only visible to the surveyor.

Pre-Capture Screen enables team members/staff to fill details, including their own name, before handling offer the tablet to the customer or respondent to fill the survey. These details get saved with the survey response.

Features of Pre-Capture Screen are as follows:

  • Team Member Name – This is the default and mandatory field of the Team Member Screen. Herein, the team member can start typing his / her name and select the name from the auto suggest drop down.
  • Other Elements – You can add other questions to the team member screen to capture more information from the team about the respondent.

Kiosk surveys 

Kiosk surveys are suitable for organizations that wish to set up self-assisted kiosks with no staff assistance. There is no assistance available in Kiosk Surveys so you can also set a Survey Inactivity Time Out to display an alert in case the survey is left idle for some time.You can further enter the Survey Restart Time in Screen settings on the basis of which the survey will restart automatically after being left idle. Enabling this option is a must in Kiosk mode surveys where there is no assistance to restart a new survey.

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